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How To Use Social Media To Assist The Sales Funnel – Infographic

We would like to introduce you to Dave Landry Jr., who has very kindly provided us with an infographic. We hope you enjoy this guest post. 

People don’t trust ads. They trust their peers.

In order to grow a brand, you must maintain a social media presence as a projected 80% + of customers expect their brands to be active social participants So if people trust their peers, how do you get the peers to speak of your brand?

By creating brand advocates through use of effective social strategies, as highlighted in the “Nurturing the Sales Funnel Using Social Media” found below. With statistics and breakdowns compiled by the folks behind the blog of TollFreeForwarding and Dave Landry Jr., continue reading to find out how you can combine AWARENESS, INTEREST and CONVERSION into a SALE.

Dave Landry Jr. is a small business owner and journalist from Southern California. He has been blogging on finance, business and social media-related subjects for many years, and is also an infographic collaborator. He hopes you enjoyed this graphic.

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