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How to Add Christmas Spirit into your Social Media in 2018

Social media is a massive part of a business’s everyday life, and it should be a massive part of your Christmas marketing plan.

Many businesses don’t see social media as an important marketing factor because it may not produce as many conversions as SEO or PPC, but you’re building relationships with clients and prospects as well as raising brand awareness.

So, if social media wasn’t on your radar for your Christmas marketing already, then it needs to be now!

Create a Content Plan

December. Some may say that this is the most stressful month of the whole year. You’re trying to wrap up projects with up to 10 days less in the working month as well as Christmas parties, socialising, buying Christmas presents, spending time with family, the list goes on and on.

This is why you need a content plan way in advance of December; you need to start creating it now – in October.

This content plan will be a lifesaver when it comes to preparation and keeping your feed regularly updated. You will also be able to use this plan to schedule your content in advance.

When creating your plan, ensure you add in things like what posts will be going live that day and on which channel, any content you need to produce on that day, any national/international days. For example, 10th December 2018 is Human Rights Day.

All of these little things will come together to create your plan; this allows you to know exactly what content you need for that day. This means that visuals and text can all be prepared weeks in advance leaving you to enjoy a mince pie or two!

Christmas Polls

Christmas is a great time to increase engagement with your audience by providing some fun and interesting content. One way you can do this is using polls; these are available on Facebook, Instagram stories and Twitter.

Polls allow your audience to vote on their favourite option; this could be completely Christmas related like Christmas films or sweet treats. On the other hand, you can incorporate it with your business a little more. For example, we may ask our customers if they’ve planned their marketing for January yet.

These are really easy to set up and are an extremely easy way to encourage engagement and conversation. If you want to learn more about your audience, you could even add in an “other” option and get people to reply with their answers.

All you need to do is think Christmas!

Winter Wonderland Visuals

Christmas – there are so many images, and symbols that relate to Christmas and all of them tend to get people a little excited for the festive season. So, use all of the festive visuals!

Ensure that your content is using lots of graphics and images, nobody wants to read a boring text post, especially when the rest of their feed is filled with gingerbread houses and dogs dressed as a snowman!

You can create your own graphics with websites such as Canva; this will allow you to keep your content true to brand but with a little dash of Christmas magic. If you want to use festive images you could either take your own or use royalty free websites for images, such as Pexels.

Whatever you decide to do, keep your content interesting and easy on the eye with amazing, festive images.

Festive Hashtags

They may annoy you, but they’re extremely useful for not only marketing but to compile a lot of information in one place.

You need to be using relevant hashtags all year long, but at Christmas, you should be zoning in on this festive tag. In the lead up to the big day people will be using these phrases and hashtags to find interesting and festive content so don’t miss out on this big opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Trending topics will likely be related to the festive season and will allow you to see what is popular in real time. Other things you should look out for is what kind of keywords your competitors are using or just the people who you follow generally.

Wrap Up Your Stories

Instagram stories, they’re a great way to add a little personality to your business and provide some behind the scenes access. At Christmas, there will be plenty of things to share in your office or at events.

Creating content for your stories will also allow you to plan more fun things to happen in the office, maybe you could hold a gingerbread house making competition? After all, it’s all in the name of creating good quality content!

Stories are such a great way to engage and give our business that human face which people can really connect with and what better time to focus on this than the run up to Christmas?

Your Christmas social media can help to set you up for the new year, as long as you’re keeping it up to date and very festive!

If you want to know more about how to add a little sparkle to your social media this Christmas, get in touch with our team, and they will be more than happy to help.

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