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Marketing on Instagram and Why Engagement is Key

Instagram, a free online photo-sharing and social network application, is set to make $3.64 billion in mobile advertising revenue alone this year. According to Brandwatch, engagement with brands on Instagram is 10x higher instagram logothan on Facebook, 84x higher than on Twitter, and 54x higher than Pinterest. With 700 million active users, this is a marketing platform your business should make use of.

Social media attracts users of all age groups but 59% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-29. Therefore, your average Instagram audience is going to be younger and more impressionable and you can use this to your advantage. Young people tend to like content that is both engaging and visual, so by posting images that have these qualities, you can build a loyal following that is more likely to engage with your brand.

Growing Your Following

Brands with the largest followings have amassed their audiences by showcasing their brand with varying images and posts. Some examples of post type are below:

– Product Shots: Images of people showcasing your product
– User Generated Content: Reposting consumer posts that showcase their product brand
– Insight into the Business: Posting interesting content such as behind the scenes shots of employees or out-of-office activities will show another side to your brand

Including a hashtag before a word (‘#Summer’, for example), makes the post show up to users searching for thathashtag graphic theme, and it allows people to search for any other images that use the same hashtag. Tagging the post in a specific location is also a good way to attract new followers, which is especially useful if you want to target those who are close by. According to Brandwatch, posts with a hashtag gain 12.6% more engagement and posts with a location tagged gain 79% more engagement.

You should also ensure that your ‘bio’, which is a short description of your account, contains a link to your website. This is key because the bio is the only place you can put a link on Instagram, so by posting it here makes the information on your site easily accessible, and will hopefully encourage more conversions from your page.

How to Encourage People to Engage with Your Brand

For successful marketing on Instagram, engagement is crucial. As you build up your following, you will need to encourage engagement to ensure it continues to grow and to generate interest. Below are some tips on how to do this:

Use an Influencer
A key way to further promote your brand is to join forces with an influencer. An influencer is someone who has a relatively large following on Instagram with high engagement on their posts. Partnering with an influencer who has a similar audience to your own will help your business as they will promote your brand to their followers, resulting in more traffic to your own account and website, generating more sales.

Engaging Captions
Another way to maintain interest is to include captions which encourageengagement on social media graphic your followers to comment or like the photo. Prompts such as “tag a friend who…” as the caption coax your followers to interact with the picture, meaning the post will receive higher ratings and broaden your following as a result. Also, replying and interacting with customers in the comments allows you to demonstrate great customer service.

Follow Trends
You could also try to keep up with the popular trends, or post content that specifically relates to a current holiday or a national day such as ‘national best friend day’. This will increase the likelihood of your post showing up to lots of people and therefore bring more attention to your brand.

Tell People
Our final tip would be to promote your Instagram account on your existing social media and on your website. The people visiting these places will already be interested in your brand so they are more likely to follow your Instagram account, giving you a good foundation of followers to start off with.

If you have any questions regarding your social media, please contact WNW Digital today.

Blog written by Alice Dell– an intern from Sidmouth College

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