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Live Video and Social Stories – The Future of Digital Marketing?

Video content is more popular than ever but it seems like a new form of content is starting to take the crown from the traditional video content that we know and love. You have probably heard of Live Video and Social Media Stories, these are becoming increasingly helpful for improving your digital marketing and a great way to engage with consumers.

Live Video

Live Video is becoming more and more popular with brands who want to engage and interact with their audience. There are many platforms to broadcast a Live Video, but Facebook is a favourite for many companies. Facebook puts a significant emphasis on its Live feature, so it will benefit your company to use their feature for your marketing.

So, why should you be using Live Video in your digital marketing strategy? Here are just a few reasons to consider this form of content: Facebook users comment ten times more on live videos than they do regular videos, you have the opportunity to grow your business audience, Content on social media, especially when live, can seem more transparent and authentic than television or print advertisement.

Facebook has made it really simple to go live, all you need is a device with a good quality camera and a Facebook account for your business. You simply click the live button on your screen and you can broadcast to your followers, they can comment in real time so you can engage with what they are saying or what they want to hear about.

The hardest thing about Live Video could possibly be what to broadcast. Here are a few things that are great to do in a live video, hopefully, this will give you some inspiration for your own Live Videos.

  • Broadcast an announcement such as a product launch.
  • A big event or speech that your audience would want to see but cannot attend.
  • A seminar/webinar.
  • A tour of your premises.
  • Behind the scenes of your workplace.

Social Stories

The social story started with Snapchat but since then Instagram and Facebook have both brought out their own versions. Whilst Snapchat sees 10 billion views of video each day, it is not the most effective social story platform for marketers because the platform isn’t as accessible for customers and is seen by users as more for their friends then companies. Instagram however, provide a really great feature for their social stories and they are perfect for marketing.

A social story allows you to add an image or video for 10 seconds to your account which will be shown to your audience for 24 hours before disappearing. Instagram allows you to use location tags and hashtags will make your story appear when people search for that location or hashtag. There are also tools within the story to add filters and colours to your images and videos. You can only use this feature on the mobile app.

Instagram attracts over 400 million active users each month and these bitesize stories don’t go unnoticed by these users. In fact, daily Instagram stories see 250 million people using them. They are extremely easy to create and promote, this isn’t a super time-consuming marketing method, everything you need is on your device with Instagram installed. All the features allow you to get creative with this content and the new feature means you can save highlights from your story and categorise these, such as a behind the scenes tab where people can view all behind the scenes stories from your history.

Instagram may seem like a daunting prospect if you are not a regular on this platform – what do you post? Well, with Instagram stories there is a freedom to post whatever you want and what you think your customers would like to see.

  • An image of your blog with a direct ‘swipe up’ link.
  • Behind the scenes videos.
  • Top tips.
  • Product reviews and demonstrations.
  • ‘Meet the team’ videos.
  • Funny images from the office.
  • Polls that you want people to engage with.
  • Competitions and offers.

The future of video content is set to be live, could the destiny of social media marketing be social stories? We’re afraid that even though we can help predict the future of marketing, nobody 100% knows so why not try these methods and see if they work for your company and increase your engagement.

If you have any questions about how this could improve your marketing or how exactly to go about completing these content strategies, we would be happy to help.

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