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The Pokémon craze has taken off at a level that I don’t think anyone would have predicted! You might not be a Pokémon fan yourself or you might not even understand what it’s all about, however, if you are a business owner then I urge you to keep reading as POKEMON GO CAN ACTUALLY BENEFIT YOUR BUSINESS and it’s really simple to do so.

The genius’ at Nintendo have revitalised Pokémon in an ultra-modern way, encapsulating people of all ages. The Pokémon audience is becoming increasingly popular with thousands of active users pounding the streets hunting for their precious Pokémon. Its popularity is unprecedented, displaying more downloads than twitter in July with an estimated fifteen million downloads and $1.3million daily revenue. With an audience that shows no sign of slowing down, your business should seize this opportunity and tap into the Pokémon audience to increase sales!

pokemon go

So how can your local businesses use the Pokémon Go app to your advantage? 

The Pokémon game works by attracting its gamers to certain locations so that they are able to catch more and more Pokémon’s and rise up in the levels. All your business needs to do is become a location that Pokémon Go users are directed to!  There are numerous ways in which you can attract the Pokémon goers to your location. Here are a few top tips on how to do this (then all you have to do is give the Pokémon Go gamers a reason to purchase your product/ service whilst they are in your vicinity).

How to make your business a popular Pokémon destination:

Download the Pokémon Go app!

Pokestop – These are places that loads of Pokémon players will gather. Look for the nearest Pokestop by you! Many businesses will have them in close proximity. You just need to let everyone know that they are near you!

If you don’t have a Pokestop by you, you can request to get one (more info here)

Gyms – These are specific locations that people will battle to become in charge of. Keep an eye out if there are any Gyms near your business. If not, you could travel to them and promote your business there.

Lure – Lure attracts more and more Pokémon to an area. More and more Pokémon means more and more people. Lure can be bought on the Pokémon Go app for a small fee, you can use Lure to attract Pokémon and the people will follow.

pokemon lure

Top Tip – Social media is a great tool that your business can then use to tell the Pokémon fans about all the great Pokémon things happening near your business… Watch them come flocking.

What could you offer the Pokémon gamers?

You’ve got the Pokémon gamers near by now all you have to do is turn them into paying customers. If you are a restaurant, café or food business this shouldn’t be too hard, it is possible across other industries too you just have to get your thinking caps on!

  • Create a special Pokémon flavoured drink or simply rename one of your existing drinks! The gamers will love that their Pokémon are becoming a reality… especially the kids.
  • Offer a discount to those between level 1-10 a greater discount for those users on 11-20 and so on! Just make sure you get them to show you the level they are on before you start knocking down the prices.
  • Giveaway a freebie. This can be something really small. Pokémon users will be on a team either, Red, Yellow or Blue. Pick a colour and offer them a free drink if they spend £5 or more in store.

It’s no doubt that people will also share their stories on social media of how your business is getting on board with the Pokémon craze, which in itself will lead to increased brand awareness and further sales.

The finer details are really down to you. Just find out the main features of the Pokémon game and create an incentive. Pokémon go is only a few weeks old, it is consistently growing and shows no signs of slowing down. So make sure you and your business think smart and get there before they catch ‘em all!

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