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Why Snapchat Can Be Used As A Digital Marketing Platform

From a digital marketing point of view, you wouldn’t really see Snapchat as an effective tool to engage your customers.

With only 100 million users (compared to Facebook 1.65 billion, Twitter 310 million per month and Instagram 500 million) Snapchat doesn’t seem to posses the power that could possibly challenge its social media rivals. Snapchat

However that is still 100 million potential customers that companies can engage and despite having over 900 million less users, Snapchat is actually on the same level as Facebook when it comes to video views.

This shows the huge power and potential that Snapchat has and it is starting to show an increase in users over the age of 35, which shows the rise in popularity as it has been a young audience dominated social media platform.

But how could you possibly use a an image and video based social media platform that only allows you to show your content for up to 10 seconds?

Snapchat is extremely effective for building exposure and communicating to customers through your business, by simply storytelling.

Perhaps you own an online store that makes it’s own products and then ships them to customers? Why not create a Snapchat story of the whole process of that order? You will be able to take your customer ‘behind the scenes’ of your company and show them exactly how the product is made, the processes it goes through and who makes it.IMG_0416

This truly is a unique and brilliant way to engage with customers and create a personal business to customer relationship.

It’s perfect for product demonstrations or tips as well, so let’s say you run a guitar shop, you could give a really in depth and step by step guide on how to string you guitar professionally and with the ton of filters and additions you can make to your videos and images, you can make it the most enjoyable experience for your users.

(As you can see, me being a Viking on the left)

You can even run competitions or giveaways via Snapchat which again engages audiences directly and as we know the power of visual content is greater than most, it’s a fantastic way of keeping customers and prospects interested.

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Ben Wiltshire
Ben is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites, while also creating and managing your Facebook advertising campaigns. You can follow Ben on Twitter @BenWNWDigital or alternatively email him at

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