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Snapchat For Businesses

Snapchat is a mobile app that is a new social networking channel that is beginning to sweep the nation. The original function of Snapchat allowed you to take a picture and send it to your friends for a time period between 1 and 10 seconds. Once your friends viewed the photo and the time was up, the photo was gone forever.

Building on this, recent developments within Snapchat now allow for a story to be posted to your Snapchat timeline. This involves posting just one or a selection of images to your timeline that can be viewed as many times as your friends wish, but the post will only be available for 24 hours then it will disappear never to be seen again.

Online marketers have jumped at the chance of utilising this unique social media channel and have begun to incorporate snap chat into their business marketing plans.

So how are they doing this? Companies are now using Snapchat to reward their customers by sending discount codes. Firstly they are submitting stories to their timelines explaining what their customers must do to receive a discount code. For example some restaurants are posting a story to their timeline that tells customers to take a snap (picture) of them at the companies restaurant. The customer must then send the picture to the company who will in return send a snap of a discount code that can be used when they come to pay the bill.

As the story only lasts for 24 hours customers are aware that they only have a short window of time in which they will be able to receive a discount. Therefore a sense of urgency is created and the customer is encouraged to go to the restaurant on this date as they know they will receive a discount. This has been useful for those marketers looking to create an immediate and instant buzz about their brand or products.

Marketers are also beginning to use this social media app to create a buzz and excitement about their brand. For example before a new product is put on the shop floor, companies might send snaps and give sneak previews about a new product that is yet to launch. This is a great way for companies to stir up some interest about a product and give their customers some extra insight.

Again, companies are also maintaining their customer’s interests and providing constant visual reminders of their brand by frequently snapping. They might be snapping different products, new products, behind the scenes footage, or any other information of images that would be of interest to their customers.

Although Snapchat marketing is still in its early stages and only a small number of companies have jumped on board, this new and unique marketing method is something that should not be overlooked. Snapchat is primarily used by 13-25’s year old’s so if you want to target you products towards this age range perhaps you should jump on board the Snapchat phenomenon.

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