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Social Media and your Brand – Why are These Platforms so Important?

Social media is often considered to be the foundation of any business’s digital marketing, it’s something that every business should be using. Whilst it’s something we always recommend to our client’s it’s something that many of us seem to struggle with and it can be hard to get right.

Your social media strategy can be the make or break of your online brand, it should be a place where your consumer can really understand who you are and what your business is all about. So, does your social media convey this?

Brand Benefits

Social media all starts with branding and part of branding is your social media, they go hand in hand to benefit each other.

Having a well-established and clearly distinguishable branding throughout your social media can have a whole host of benefits for your marketing.

When customers see a well put together social media profile, and a company who is consistent across all platforms, it’s much easier to trust the reputation of the company and engage with them.

Your brand goes further than just your company and products, it extends to public perceptions of your company and how reliable you are in your industry, as well as how well you convey your message and brand goals. Customer service is a huge part of this and social media can either make or break you, so stay on top of those DMs.

There are some other reasons why social media is so important when it comes to branding…


Giving your brand a personality and voice across social platforms can help you bring in the right audience and interact with those most similar to your buyer personas.

Creating a tone of voice for your business and sharing relevant content can be the key to making your company memorable.

Build Relationships

Social media can be used to find out what people really think about your brand, and also to find out what consumers are looking for in a brand – the perfect research opportunity for you to adapt and deliver.

Connecting with the right people, in the right place/channel and at the right time can help build relationships and allow you to provide great customer experience, every time. This can make people’s experiences with your brand better and customer loyalty.

Monitor the Market

Having an active social media profile means that if you do your research right, your brand can be one step ahead.

If a competitor makes a marketing blunder, if you’re keeping an eye on the market you can step in and resolve a scorned customer’s issue. Establishing yourself as the hero in this situation can help the customer associate your brand with great things, and as a solution to their problems.

It’s also a great idea to keep an eye on your industry news to see if there are any relevant trends, or content you could share to drive engagement with your followers and fans. Every little helps when it comes to engagement, and

Drive Website Traffic

One of the purposes of social media is to drive traffic to your website and encourage conversions. It’s important not to spend too much time talking about yourself on social media, but it is a great place to post about offers or new developments that might encourage people to click through.

Having a strong brand can help these promotional posts integrate more seamlessly with your social media marketing strategy, making them part of your everyday content that customers are likely to interact with just as much.

Social media can be a fantastic way to interact with people and make your brand accessible to people, starting conversations and driving people towards your products or services.

For help developing your social media strategy, contact one of our professionals today.

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Heather Hirst
Currently undertaking a Communications degree at Bournemouth University, Heather is the Digital Marketing Intern at WNW Digital. She is part of the digital marketing team and here to gain industry experience and develop her skills in all elements of WNW’s expertise. You can contact her at

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