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Twitter Moments – An Introduction

Many of you will have probably noticed that your Twitter dashboard has changed slightly with a lightning bolt symbol appearing in your header. For those of you that are yet to explore this option we have written a brief summary that introduces the moment features for you.

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In a bid to make important news stories easily accessible and evident to all, Twitter has created this option that collates all the top news stories from the day in this one place. Therefore, you will no longer have to go searching through heaps of content or keywords to find the biggest stories of the day, instead they will be collated together in one place.

The content that appears in this moments feed will be carefully selected by Twitter and editorial teams aiming to bring the best of the bunch from news outlets and everyday people as well. This is in the hope that people will get a real feel for what is happening.

To make this feature even more user friendly Twitter has also added categorisation such as News, Sports, Entertainment and Fun. This will allow individuals to search for content that they are interested in. Once presented with a moment that catches your interest you can then view this moment in greater detail and go into more depth and see a range of tweets that have been posted that are relevant to this story.

Twitter have also thought one further step, if you see something that you are really interested in and will be looking through your timeline throughout the day you can follow a moment. Following a moment will allow you to see these tweets as live events unfold, yet when the story / moment is complete these moments will disappear, allowing your timeline to return to normal.

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