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UPS Launches Facebook Promotion For Small Businesses

UPS is promoting their role in helping small businesses by using social media to stage a nationwide contest.

The UPS Store network has just announced today that they will be launching a Facebook contest on Monday, July 18th. It will be called “The Promotion Promotion” and will run through August 31st.

As a small business owner, your portal into all facets of the contest is through The UPS Store’s Facebook page. Right now, there is not too many details on the page, only a status posted a couple of hours ago that reads –

We’re so excited we just couldn’t wait to share the news! We’re going to award one small business with BIG advertising tools. The fun starts Monday. Check back then for more details.

According to a release from today, the grand prize that UPS will award one lucky business is an “integrated marketing campaign” that is valued at $50,000. To win that, owners will have to show their passion for small business, which will be decided by “a panel of experts.”

All the pertinent details will be available on Facebook this upcoming Monday.

That integrated marketing campaign is being described as such –

Doner, The UPS Store network’s advertising agency of record, will work with the grand prize winner to examine the business’ needs, develop a marketing plan, produce creative and run it in appropriate media.

Only one person can win the grand prize, obviously, but UPS is offering more reason to participate in the Promotion Promotion on Facebook. Weekly prizes will be awarded fur the duration that will include UPS and AMEX gift cards as well as products like iPads.

Starting the second week of the promotion, people who have liked the UPS Store page on Facebook will be able to vote on what kinds of prizes should be offered the following week using the Facebook Questions platform.

Of course, this is another example of companies using social media to promote themselves, but hey, who can blame them. Plus, they are giving away free stuff and focusing on the small business community, so I don’t see what’s not to like about that.

About the Author:
Josh Wolford is a staff writer for SmallBusinessNewz.

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