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Using Your Facebook Dashboard to Succeed

Every person on Facebook has a dashboard to keep track of friends and apps. They can monitor who, and what they see. This is also possible for businesses that use Facebook. You can use your dashboard to keep track of likes, dislikes and see what people are saying about your company. This will give you an opportunity to reach out and engage with your customers.

Why Your Business Needs to be on Facebook

It’s all about location, location, location. Facebook recently announced having 1 billion users, making it one of the top places to promote your business.

By using your dashboard, you can see who is engaging with your updates and who is sharing them. You’ll see which clients are active online, who they’re connected with, and which topics and specials are of most interest to them. There’s a wealth of customer intelligence in your Facebook dashboard and insights.

Monitoring Traffic

Did you know you can see who on Facebook is going to your site and/or blog? Get some real insights on customer flow, their interest in topics and how well your website is doing in continuing the conversation you start in your social networks.

It’s also a great place to monitor conversations and have an active customer service arm that reaches into the mobile devices that most people use to access Facebook.

Tracking Engaged Users

It is possible to track every customer and see how they are engaging with their friends. Their posts become public so you will be able to see what they are saying about you and your business.

Are they talking about your business? You can greet and thank them or try to resolve issues that draw negative feedback.

Who Can Be Reached?

There are many ways you can target your message and promotions. Once you get their attention, it is time to get personal with your contacts on Facebook. You want them to see you as approachable, as a resource and as someone they could never reach through another channel.

Remember to keep delivering value so they will listen and stay engaged.

Review the posts and updates and find out:
1. What are they most interested in?
2. What are they sharing the most?
3. What do they like most about you?
4. What are their burning question and/or issues?

About the author: Maria Elena Duron, CEO (chief engagement officer), buzz2bucks | a word-of-mouth marketing firm, is skilled at making networks “work” and harnessing powerful online and offline buzz. She facilitates online visibility services and word-of-mouth coaching and workshops – taking companies and professionals from buzz-worthy to bucks-worthy,

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