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What to Do if You Think Your Website Design is Out of Date

You can be forgiven for thinking your website is out of date if its graphics are old or the colour scheme reminds you of the original Tron film. For the same reasons you always want the latest model of your car the excitement of launching a newly designed website can actually over shadow the actual need for one! Changing a website’s design for the sake of a new design is often an unnecessary expense for your company and in worst case scenarios can upset an otherwise loyal customer base.

So how do you know when your website is truly out of date and is a new website design the only option?

If your website still serves your business needs and your customers don’t make complaints about its functionality then perhaps your bottom line will benefit from other bolt-ons instead of a completely new website. Below are a couple of cost effective solutions that can bring your online presence back into in the 21st century until you’re ready for a NEW website. These can often enrich your customer journey, improve revenue and increase conversion rates just as much as a newly designed website.

A Fresh New Look

A fresh New Look – Changing the colour palette and updating key images and buttons can give a website a fresh lease of life without costing a fortune. See Lambland Example above.

Customer reviews – Customers are more likely to purchase a product if previous customers have left reviews and ratings.

Twitter Profile for CLS

Social Media Profiles – Profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (to name a few) will open up other avenues for customers to find your website and contact details.

Live Chat – Allow customers to get help instantly and improve customer service opinions.

Isca Forwarding News Centre

News Centres & Blogs – This is a great way to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) while also keeping customers up to date with your latest company news.

Information Centres – Also benefits SEO and improves sales conversions. If a customer comes to your site for knowledge that they trust it makes your company more desirable to purchase from.

The best way to check if your website is out of date is to compare it to your competitors. The main priority of a website should be its content and most users will forgive a slightly outdated design if the content is clear and informative. If you still feel your website is out of date then you can approach a web agency like WNW Design with your ideas to get a more techy opinion and a full no obligation review.

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