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Why Businesses Should be Using Social Media

According to marketing experts, “the social aspect of marketing is unique in any given stratum because it involves human elements, namely, the behavioral pattern of consumers and the given characteristics of a society such as customs, attitudes, values, etc.” But, the behavioral patterns and the customs, attitudes, values and so on of consumers keep changing constantly.

As the Chairman of a famous company explained in his company’s annual address, “this surge of change has profound consequence for that bundle of hopes and fears, the untidy bundle of attitudes and commitments called our management policy. In an increasingly fluid world, one cannot organize the hope of order around the protection of status quo.” From this, it is quite clear that the constantly changing attitudes and values of consumers should necessarily be considered for planning marketing strategies of any company including yours, as they play vital roles in consumers’ decisions.

If you look at the prevailing trend in the business world, you will observe that almost all companies, irrespective of the field in which they are operating, are using social media for popularizing and promoting their businesses because social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are being used by billions of people throughout the world. This raises an intriguing question. Why have these sites have become so popular?

“No doubt, every real situation is unique, but a set of theoretical tools of knowledge, itself based on empirical foundation, can help in developing the mechanisms for handling such situations” says a management theory. But unfortunately, experts are not able to specifically explain the “unequaled preeminence” and popularity of social media, though they call them as an offshoot of another attitudinal change of consumers. So too is the craze of people over these social networking sites that seems to be beyond the imagination of these experts.

In fact, as an entrepreneur, you don’t have an option. It may be impossible for you to pretend that these social media sites are not commanding the admiration and acceptance of people around the world, who are your existing or prospective consumers. So, you have to use social media for your business. If you are not ready to do so, your business may languish because it has to remain in anonymity, however talented you may be or, however high the quality of your products or services.

The following are some valid reasons for using social media sites for promoting your business.

– Consumers are becoming more and more knowledgeable. They try all available methods to discover the best products or services that can cater to their demands. If your presence on social media sites is continuously “visible,” they may feel reassured. But, you shouldn’t use the conventional methods of repeating the same marketing sermons in the same cliched language. Your messages should be crisp, interesting and touch connect emotionally with new, potential and existing customers. Draw your customers into wanting to establish a relationship with you.

– Another reason for using social media is that everyone, including your competitors are using social media. You can’t afford to ignore its efficacy. Statistics show that social media sites are enjoying top rankings in Google’s search engine results.

– The most popular search engine, Google, considers your social sharing when ranking your business in its results.

– Your brand can become known to millions of people, if you effectively use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Since these sites are open and transparent, anyone can look at your company’s profile and share it, which can result in free word-of-mouth publicity for your business.

– It’s easy to interact and open a conversation on social media sites. You’d be amazed at the number of people who join a conversation once it’s initiated. Such interactions can provide you with feedback about the pros and cons of your products or services and discover the expectations of your clients.

– Most importantly, social media sites help with client service. If you just focus on marketing, you may not meet with much success because people generally visit social media sites for fun or for passing time. If they choose to interact with you, they do so because of the ease of communication afforded by social media to meet their needs. As an entrepreneur, grasping the importance of client service is key. If you focus on this aspect, you can enhance your brand and reputation in the eyes of your existing as well as prospective clients.

About the author
: Nicholas Darley has been designing and building websites for over 7 years. He has learned a lot about the industry in that time and current runs his own company called Darley Web Design.

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