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Why Should I Connect My Social Media Channels To My Website Design?

We have become a nation that has become quite simply demanding, by demanding I mean if we want an answer to something we want the answer now, not 2 days later. The days of writing long winded letters or searching through a phone directory are becoming a distant memory of the past. Nowadays, the internet and in particular social media channels are offering a constant connectivity in which users are simply able to get in touch with people at the click of a button. The importance of having your social media channels easily accessible to your customers is becoming vital so that you are able to provide first class customer service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Firstly, you need to make sure that your customers are aware of your social media channels and one of the best ways of doing this is integrating your social media channels into your website design. There are a variety of reasons why your customer might want to connect you with on social media and therefore having an easily accessible account is important. So make life easier for your customers provide links and social share buttons on your website design so that customers are able to connect with you. Of course if you are providing social share buttons then you want to ensure that you have active social media accounts that someone is managing. This can be integral to your business success for a variety of reasons:

-Do they want to see if your customer service is up to scratch?
-Can they see you engaging with your customers on a frequent basis?
– Do you regularly update your social media channels?
-Do you post any special offers on your social media channels that they will benefit from?
-Do you post any relevant information about your products and services?
-Are you able to answer any questions they might have?
-Are they able to see any customer reviews or feedback?

Ultimately social media is a great way in which you are able to connect with your customers, answer their queries provide them with any information and ultimately continue to provide a first class customer service. Therefore make sure your social media channels are integrated into your web design so that they are easily accessible to your prospective and existing customers.

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Sophie Angell
Sophie is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieWNW or alternatively email her at

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Hi Sophie, interesting article, but I feel the problems with integrating social media into a site is as follows:

– Most organisations fail to appreciate the time and commitment required to ‘successfully’ run a social media channel. You could argue that this could be automated to some degree, but then this goes against the principles of it being ‘social’.

– If you are interacting on Twitter in a meaningful way there’s a very good chance that your feed will be, upon viewing in a consolidated form’ a random bunch of comments with no real coherence. Again you could argue that you could filter these comments to some degree (but see point 1). Sure you could just ‘push’ content out – but this is neither social, or particularly engaging.

– Not many businesses have a primary objective of increasing social followers – It’s often a secondary one – Selling of products and services is often at the forefront. If you have distracting ‘Tweet this’, ‘Like that’ options everywhere it has the potential to cause disruption in the process of completing their primary goal. And having social sharing buttons on every page is proving that thought hasn’t gone into the visitors of the site – Namely – Is this content worthy of being shared (In many, many cases it’s not!)

Social media should be used to engage with your audience, interact and establish a position of authority in your field – but it comes at a price – time & commitment. Using secondary calls-to-action to engage with you on social media should, in my opinion, only be done once the primary process has been completed, and the message needs to be coherent with the goal that’s just been completed. And social share buttons should be used when appropriate, i.e. on news and blog articles (which are often worth sharing).

Best regards, Neal.

Hi Neal,

Thank you for your response.

I agree, some organisations do not appreciate the time and commitment required to run a social media channel but I feel that this is touching on a whole new topic itself. Perhaps we should stress the importance of the implementation of digital marketing (running social media channels) into organisations overall marketing plan a little more.

Digital marketing and the use of social media is becoming integral to a business’s development in this day and age. Although there might be some businesses that are yet to come to terms with this new found need for business social media channels we should not forget about the businesses that already have social media accounts and we should continue to share our advice on how they can achieve a greater awareness and level of engagement across these channels.

I feel that integrating your social media channels into your web design is just one factor amongst many other important contributing factors like time and commitment, it is definitely a step in the right direction in increasing a greater awareness and encouraging a greater interaction between business’s and their customers.
You raised some interesting points that I believe could be extended on in a blog entry about how businesses should manage and maintain their social media accounts to effectively engage and interact with customers.


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