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How can you use Video Content in your Digital Strategy?

I’m sure you have got the message by now from our previous blog posts but… video content is so important for your digital marketing in 2018. It truly is very important for your business, but the most common issue preventing companies from starting: What do we create a video about?

Well, the simple answer is, anything that you think your consumers will find engaging whilst still maintaining your company values and professionalism. You’re probably still racking your brain for content ideas so we have come up with a few types of videos that any business could create.

There are two main types of video: Animated or Live Action Video.

Animated Video is a great way to produce a high quality video without necessarily having a lot of high tech equipment. These are always fun and engaging to watch, with a voiceover these can be extremely professional and informative as well!

Live Action Video is what we all imagine video to be, someone or a group of people in front of the camera, talking or doing an activity. This is a great form of video as long as it is high quality, a low quality live action video is very noticeable when there are such great videos out there. This can be a great form of video for anyone really wanting to invest in video and have the time to film all of this amazing content.

So, now we have covered the main types of video you can use, but what about the actual content? Well, here are some ideas that work for both Live Action Video and Animated Video.

Tips and Tricks:

You are sure to have the tips that you swear by in your business or just tips that people in your industry need to know! Sharing these tips via video is a sure way to engage your viewers, you do a few tips in one video or spread them out into a video series. Talking about the tip and why that is important is a great way to start conversation.

Instructional “How To” Videos

These are some of the best videos out there because this is a big thing that people are searching for! When you don’t know how to do something chances are you will look for a video or set of instructions. Is there something that people struggle with or you want to help people with? Maybe it is something you can do with your product that people won’t have thought of or a “How To” of what they can do to make the service you provide them better, for example a video on how to write a blog post.


An online video seminar can provide your seminar with a massive reach, much larger than a physical event ever could. This is a great way to create discussion and being able to interact with your consumers on the things that they want to know about. Pick a topic that you and your company know a lot about and then share this knowledge via video and encourage discussion in the comments.


Video is such a shareable, engaging type of content and frankly social media platforms do favour this form of content. Therefore, creating an offer and putting it in video form will get out to more people and an increased number of users will watch it rather then just a text post. Any special offers or deals that your business may be running, create a video around this offer and share, share, share.

Product Demonstration

This is only really relevant if you are in the ecommerce industry or you sell physical products as opposed to services. However, if you are a serviced based company you could create case studies instead which would follow the same structure, but you are explaining your serive rather than showing a product. Create a video where you demonstrate your product, what it does and how to use from the packaging to its final use. Consumers said that they are much more likely to buy a product when they have watched a video about it. It helps to alleviate any risk for them, so this is definitely worth doing for all your products if you can.

There are so many types of video that you are sure to find one that suits your company but hopefully you have a little bit more inspiration now.

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