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The Importance of Using Video in Your Next Marketing Strategy

Video is becoming the new weapon of choice for a lot of businesses when it comes down to their marketing strategies. This is for a good reason, the benefits of using video within your marketing are increasing all the time.

Email Campaigns

If you want to increase your click through rate in your email campaigns, include video. Studies show that including a video in your email will increase your overall click through rate. Similarly, including the word ‘video’ or the indication of a video in the email subject increases the percentage of your emails that will be opened. A video is much more appealing than a long stream of text to read, so it is understandable that video would increase your click through rate.


Including a video on your landing page will increase the amount of time that a user is spending on your site. Although the official line from Google is unclear, many SEO professionals suspect that Google see this as a positive aspect and use it as a ranking signal, therefore this will positively benefit your SEO of your site. It is assumed that search engines interpret that the longer people are spending on a site, the more valuable the content is and the site must be trustworthy. You want search engines to perceive your website like this.

Brand Awareness

Video is a great way to improve your brand awareness. Video is the most shared form of content of social media channels. Entertaining or educational videos will appeal not only to your main target audience, but also a wider range of consumers, increasing their awareness of your brand. This takes your brand to new markets, not just your smaller target market.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

The key to good marketing and good content is to make it engaging for your audience, if they’re not engaged then there will be no chance of conversions. Video is a very popular form of content for an extremely large section of the market. There is a large audience who enjoy watching video and who will be highly interested. This form of media is shareable and an easy format to share on social media. People can comment, tag others, like or share this content. Video attracts comments and discussions which will help spread the word of your company.

An Emotional Connection

Creating strong emotions for your audience is hard through copy, no matter how well written a piece of text is. Creating the emotion that can make somebody laugh out loud or cause a tear to run down their cheek is a far less challenging task when using video. Decisions are made using emotion, so, if you want your customers to make the decision to buy or complete an action on your website, create an emotion for them. Help them decide through fabricating the emotion you want them to experience. You can use video for this. You have the use of audio and visuals with video which can be a powerful combination if you use it correctly.


It is common knowledge now that mobiles are the device of choice when browsing the internet, but even more so when using social media. Who wants to read paragraphs of text when they’re on their phones? You would much rather watch a video with that information and more. When browsing on their phones, people will gravitate to watching a video rather than the endless text that is so common. Videos are a great tool for mobile devices because people are so used to watching videos on these devices.

If you want to up your marketing game then you should seriously consider adding video into your content plan. Stay one step ahead in this industry and stay relevant with the use of video to communicate what your business has to offer.

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Tierney Crocker
Tierney Crocker is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, involved in all aspects of digital marketing and social media. You can email her at

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