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Our SEO Tips for Using Video

Video is increasingly becoming the content of choice for a lot of businesses and this is for a good reason, video is an amazing form of content to use in your digital marketing. If you want to find out more about why this content is so good, check out our previous blog. However, to get the most out of your video content you need it to benefit your SEO, which when done correctly is fairly straight forward and can receive great results.


Having a video on your website is a great way to engage your user but, search engines can’t see this video… Search engines cannot see the content of your video when there is no text such as a transcript of the video. Creating a transcript of your video is essential as text content influences your search engine rankings. In addition to the video some people prefer reading text so it is a good idea to include a transcript so you are not excluding anyone.

To make it clear to search engines that you are using a transcript you can tag your transcript in the code of your site. This will help the search engines better understand that the transcript is what the video content is about and in turn benefit your SEO. If you think that writing transcripts for each video is too time-consuming for your business, there are businesses who will write transcripts for your video at a very reasonable price.

Using YouTube

YouTube is a great platform to host your videos because you can use YouTube on a multitude of different platforms. Google owns YouTube so is likely to favour content when it is hosted via YouTube. When using video on your website it is important to host the video somewhere other than your website such as YouTube, because hosting an auto-play video on your website it can dramatically decrease your page speed and therefore your SEO will be negatively affected.

Search engines look at the data you have provided around your video like the titles and descriptions so it is important to optimise this data with the best and most informative content for both users and search engines. Adding a link to your website in the description is a brilliant idea as it will help connect the video to your site for the search engines and users. Research using other similar videos that are ranking highly on Google, this will help you understand what Google is favouring and what terms you would be competing with.

Create engagement on this platform by encouraging comments and engaging with the people that do comment. Search engines love to see engagement and videos on this platform is no different, encourage likes and comments on your videos to show Google that people are interested in your content.

Spread the Word

Share your content across all platforms not just on your website, you can share it across social platforms and even via emails. Get your content in front of people to engage them, this will encourage other people to share your content via links and post engagement. Video is a great tool to help generate inbound links, which search engines love to see. A boost in engagement is always a great thing to see and will also benefit your SEO by driving people to your site.

There are so many benefits to using video in your digital marketing, even for your SEO. SEO can be a complex subject and needs to be done correctly in order to get the best results, we always recommend leaving your website’s SEO to an expert if you are unsure. Get it right first time and you will continue to receive the benefits.

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