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5 Advantages of Mobile Ready Web Design

The number of people now accessing the internet from their smartphone and tablet devices is increasing at an unprecedented rate. With this in mind it is becoming fundamental that all businesses ensure that their website is mobile friendly. By being mobile friendly I mean having a website that functions properly across various devices in order to promote the best possible user experience.

Here are 5 advantages of a web design that is mobile ready!

Increase reach and marketing opportunities

Mobile search is continuing to grow, with predictions suggesting that desktop search will fall behind as the majority of people will use their mobile and tablet devices to access the internet. Having a website that is mobile ready will mean that you will be increasing the reach in which your website is displayed to people whilst simultaneously improving your marketing opportunities.

Build consumer trust 

If your website does not function / work properly on a mobile device, your customer is unlikely to invest their hard earned cash in the products that you might be selling as they might think that your website is untrustworthy.

Create a uniform experience

Your customers will expect a uniform experience when accessing your website on all devices, therefore by having a web design that is mobile ready you will be able to ensure that all of your pages can be accessed by customers. This will again provide users with a positive user experience by which they are able to get the same information that might be searching for regardless of the device that they are searching from. If customers can see a select page on their desktop computer and then go to access the same page on a mobile or tablet device but are unable to view it is likely that your customer will becoming frustrated.

Increase conversions

Increase conversions and reduce losing out to competitors. If your website is not working properly then customers might be inclined to buy their products from a competitor website. Therefore if your site is mobile ready you will be promoting a positive user experience and will more likely to be convert your visitors into customers. Although initially it might be an expense to get your website mobile ready, in the long run it is likely that you will cut your costs because you will more likely be generating more custom from the greater number of customers purchasing products or services across various devices.

Easier website management

If you website functions successfully across all devices you will only have one set of content to create and manage. This will make life a lot easier for you. In addition to this you will subsequently have just one set of data to analyse making it easier to determine which aspects of your business are working successfully and which areas you need to improve. All of your data will be in one place so you will be able to create a more accurate business action plan with greater ease.

With evidence suggesting that the future is mobile as mobile/ tablet internet use is set to take over desktop use, it is important that you take action to keep up on top of your competitors by ensuring that your website is mobile ready!

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