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5 Web Design Factors That Will Increase Your Conversions

You have a very short window of opportunity in which are able to impress and maintain the interest of the person viewing your web page. It is estimated within 5-8 seconds of visiting your website the user will decide whether your website is going to be of use to them, ultimately affecting their decision on whether they should stay on your website or seek alternative services elsewhere.

Therefore it is important that your web design is powerful and impressive in order to promote the best chances of conversion. Here are some certain techniques that you can enrol within your web design and in particular your home page.

1. Use your home page to sell your business. In many cases your homepage will be the first instance that your potential customers are coming into contact with your business, the web design of this page is therefore critical in affecting your conversion rate. Therefore it is important that you use the page to sell your product or service and encourage your customers to buy from you. Your home page should contain your unique selling points and features and benefits of your services. Save the content regarding who formed your business, how long you have been trading for and other general historical information for the about us page.

2. Keep your web design clear and uncluttered. This is particularly important for your home page; your customers will want to find useful information quickly and easily. To stand a better chance of converting your online traffic you should therefore make a conscious decision to use adequate white space in order to direct attention and focus to the important content on the page.

3. Include minimal yet powerful imagery and visuals to stand the best chance of conversion. Although I have mentioned the importance of keeping adequate white space in order to emphasise the value of your written content it is also vital that your web design is visually attractive so that it is more inviting and interesting to those that visit it. It is true that a picture can speak a thousand words and images and visuals that you use on your home page can have a very influential role in assisting to create powerful yet positive first impression.

4. Make sure you pages have a quick loading time. It is estimated that anything over 4 seconds will frustrate your users so much that they will close your site and look elsewhere for the product or service that they require.

5. Incorporate your call to action – give your customers direction and instruction. Whether you want them to sign up to a newsletter, call you to place an order, or buy online… if you tell your customers exactly what to do, they are much more likely to carry out that action.
To recap… in order to stand the best chance of converting your website traffic to your desired values and actions you should ensure your web design follows this guidance:

  • Include your unique selling points on your landing / home page
  • Keep your web design clear and uncluttered by using adequate white space
  • Insert minimal yet powerful imagery and visuals that add to the attractiveness of your web page
  • Ensure your page has a quick loading time
  • Provide your customers / clients with direction and include a call to action
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Sophie Angell
Sophie is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieWNW or alternatively email her at

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