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6 Of The Most Common Pitfalls Of Web Design

Are you ready to put your website live? Firstly, make sure your website design has avoided these common mistakes:

Drop Down Menus – Keep the text in drop down tabs short and simple. Your readers will be put off reading them if they are too long. Keep them to the point so users can easily see navigate where they want to go. You should also keep them short so that they do not drop down and cover important content on the existing web page.

Sitemap – Make sure all of your pages appear in your sitemap. Even if the pages aren’t monetising pages and are instead informative pages they will most likely be useful to your site visitors for e.g.; meet the team and contact us pages. So be sure to include them in your sitemap so users can find them if they need to.

URL structures – if you want your website to be search engine friendly you should keep your URL’s as short as possible. This will also allow users to see exactly what the page is about.

Page Length – If you need to put a lot of content onto a page consider spreading it over numerous pages. Your readers/ visitors will most likely get bored and give up reading the content all together if they have to continuously scroll down the page. You don’t want your visitors thinking the text is never ending.

Browser Compatibility – This is a common pitfall and can cause a lot of problems. So make sure you test your website across the 5 main browsers before you put it live.

Pop Up’s – Don’t use pop up’s on your website unless you have to. These will simply frustrate the user and will put them off from visiting your site again in the future.

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