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8 Top Web Design Tips For A Successful Ecommerce Website

  • Ensure that you have a quick load time on your website. If you have a slow load time you are probably going to lose visitors and business. Slow load times can be frustrating and can therefore push customers away from your website towards other competitor businesses that have a much loader fast time.
  • Include visuals; especially images of products that you sell, this can have a strong influential factor when someone is deciding whether they want to buy something.
  • What’s even better… include videos- show your users how your product works, this could be the extra clarification that they need to purchase your product or service.
  • Include customer reviews- people like to see what feedback people have about a product. Positive reviews can be great for boosting business and when responded to correctly negative reviews can provide your prospective customers with the assurance that you will sort out any issues should they arise.

  • Make it clear that your website is using a secure payment gateway system. Buyers will not input their payment data if they do not trust the payment system.
  • Give users the option to opt in; do not assume that all users will want to automatically sign up for your newsletter, in many cases this can often put people off.
  • Make sure your shipping is a reasonable price. If your shipping is expensive and the item you are selling can be found elsewhere with a cheaper shipping cost then it is likely you will lose business.
  • Make sure your web design has a clear and simple navigation that your customers will be able to use with ease in order to find exactly what they are looking for.
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