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Can Users Actually Convert on Your Website?

Conversions – they’re what every business owner is aiming for from their website and are the ultimate measure of success for a website.  

Conversions don’t have to mean sales, it could be someone downloading a PDF for more information or subscribing to your newsletter. After all these things will all help to move this individual along the buying process. 

Something you may not have even thought about before is a crucial part of this – can users even convert on your website?  

What are the ways people should be converting on your website and what should you include on your website to promote conversions?  

Analyse User Behaviour 

Your user’s behaviour can tell you a lot about where you need to optimise your website and even what information you should be providing.  

Using your analytics tools you can find out a lot about the pages and areas your users are visiting as well as which page they’re landing on and leaving from. 

Ensure that your high performing pages are optimised with lots of relevant and useful information and content links to other pages.  

If the majority of your users are exiting your website when they reach a specific page work on this page to keep them on the website with links to popular pages and ensure that there is contact information on all of these pages.  

Contact Forms 

Adding contact forms to your website is a great way to promote people to convert easily.  

Don’t just pop contact forms randomly on your website, think about where you want to place them. If you’re not sure about the best places to put them, try looking at your most popular pages on Google Analytics.  

If you can see that lots of people are visiting your blog section and leaving straight away, try putting a contact form here with a relevant question like ‘Want to know how this can work for you?’.  

Your Homepage 

This is where a lot of your website visitors are going to land when they visit your website – this is their first impression of your business.  

Your first thought is probably to make the design look impeccable, which of course is important. However, if they haven’t found what they’re looking for or have no call to action to follow, they’re going to bounce straight off.  

Including key pieces of content on your homepage explaining what you can offer to that individual is so important and ultimately this information will be the key to converting users on your homepage. 

Include a call to action buttons on your homepage, it’s good to have a mixture of actions available, from contacting the team to just signing up for your newsletter or blog posts.  

Test and Test Again! 

We can’t stress how important testing is, whether you are redesigning your website or updating a page layout.  

Finding what works for your audience is important, there is no point designing your pages with the call to action all the way at the bottom if people will convert better with a button in the header.  

In a survey done by Hubspot, businesses found (on average) that their conversion rate increased by over 200% when they completed A/B testing for their call to action buttons. 

Something as simple as running an A/B test on your call to actions can produce outstanding results, so why wouldn’t you?  


We all want to increase our online conversions, but have you actually thought about whether your website is suitable for this? We want to help you increase your conversions by helping you with this very point.  

Contact our team today, and our team of experts will take a look over your website to discuss how you could improve your online conversions and ultimately maintain a great conversion rate.

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