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Determining How Long Your Traffic Stays

How long your traffic stays on your website is an indication of how interesting you have made your website.

It is always good to check the number of visitors coming to your site and how long they have stayed. How do you check this? You will check this by your log files. This is done by your c-panel or a similar place depending on what your host has set up for you. Here you can view the different stats about your website.

They will show you:

* Monthly stats-how many visitors came to your site during one month. These will be divided into unique and general (repeat visitors).

* Weekly stats- how many visitors came in 1 week, again they will be divided into unique and general

* Daily stats

* Hourly stats

Most visited pages: These let you know how many visitors have come to certain pages during 1 month. This is where it gets interesting, as you will be able to tell which pages are attracting the most visitors.

The amount of time visitors have spent on your website: This is a good estimate of the quality of your site. Obviously the longer your visitors stay the more chances there are of them buying.

Once you know which pages are attracting visitors you can then work on getting all your pages sticky and compel surfers to visit them.

Google also tracks how long visitors are spending at your site. Again it is a quality check as far as they are concerned. When Googlebots bring information back to the Database about a website being visited and people are staying longer, they can naturally assume the standard of that website is high.

High standard and quality means Google customers (your visitors) are being serviced well and that makes Google happy. This will earn you a higher Page Rank.

Encourage a longer stay:

So we can naturally assume that the longer your visitors stay the better it is. Now how to encourage them to stay? Have you ever read a book that you just could not put down? Well you website must have that same effect on your visitors. They will not want to leave until they have devoured every word of your pre selling content. They should be in the mood to either sign up for your free newsletter and become your leads or go on to your sales page and buy your products or services.

Making them stay: Make your site an irresistible, sticky website that draws your visitor in and compels them to stay. Here are some ways:

* Interesting informative content

* Stories, anecdotes, and news about your industry

* Quizzes relating to your industry-the answers will be found on one of your important pages

* Good user friendly navigation

* Humorous jokes, quotes and stories related to your industry-these are often shared among friends and associates (viral marketing).

So try some of these ways to make your visitor want to stay at your site. Use all the resources you have and write that good informative content to pre sell your visitors. Provide them good products and services and see your visitors convert to your loyal customers because you have made your website irresistible to them.


About the Author: Frank Herald. A webmaster and internet marketing specialist Search Engine Optimization Australia.

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