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Does a Re-Branding mean a New Website Design?

A re-brand is a very good reason to consider a new website especially if your brand or company message is going to change. In most cases a rebrand is considered to be on par with a new business startup so a new website design should definitely be on the cards. The emphasis here however is on a new website design and not necessarily an entirely new website. So in which situations might you opt for a new website design instead of a brand new website?

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Website Redesign:
A good example of when a redesign will be sufficient is if you’ve literally just updated your logo and brand guidelines but your products or services won’t be changing at all. A fresh new ‘skin’ to your website could be the solution for you and more importantly the difference between a bill of £1,000 instead of £20,000. A newly designed skin for your site will basically give the illusion of a brand new website to your customers while maintaining the original CMS (admin area) for your staff. This means from an operational point of view your staff can continue as normal with very little if any training.

New Website:
A complete redesign or a new website will most likely be needed if your companies approach, ethics, services or product lines are going to be changed. A rebrand because of extremely poor customer perception of your brand will require you to move away from your original website altogether. In these situations a meeting with your web agency or developer will be essential so previous mistakes are not repeated again through your new website.

A new website might also be on the cards if your rebranding coincides with a need to update your website’s functionality or its underperforming. In short if there are only minor changes to your brand then a refreshed website design will save you money in the short term. A new website however will be needed at some point in the future to keep up with online trends. This might conveniently coincide with a minor rebrand or it may be a necessary step for a major rebrand regardless of how old your existing website is.

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