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Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing Your WordPress Theme

Choosing your WordPress theme is a fun and exciting time, your website is the face of your business and it is where your customers will make the decision to purchase your goods or services. Therefore, your website is vitally important! There are hundreds of WordPress themes available to choose from so when it comes to making your choice you need to make sure you decide on a theme that is right for you. There are certain factors that you should consider when selecting your WordPress Theme to ensure that you are 100% happy with the overall finished website. These contributing factors that I will consider in this blog entry include: visual, design, function and support aspects.


Is the theme visually attractive?
The visual and the aesthetic of the theme is probably the first decision that you will make. There are hundreds of themes to choose from so you should be able to narrow your selection down to a selection of themes that you find to be visually attractive.

Consider the colour of your theme

Your choice of colour can often say a lot about your website / business. For example blue is often used to represent intellect whereas yellow often symbolises optimism and creativity. You should do your research to see what the colour of your WordPress web design will express. When considering the theme, you should also consider a colour that compliments your brand and logo.


Does the layout of theme equate to the ideal you have?
You probably have quite a good idea of how you want your website to look in your head, therefore you need to see if the ideal you have in mind can be applied or is suitable to the theme that you are selecting. For example if images are going to be a central focus of your website then you will want to choose a theme that has the capabilities and space to display your imagery.

Confirm that the theme is exactly what you want.
You seriously need to ask yourself, do you like the theme as it is? Often you will run out of time to start playing around with code or editing the layout of your chosen theme. So make sure you choose a pre made theme that you are entirely happy about, in case you don’t have the time or the resources to tweak any additional changes.


Usability across all devices.
This is a vitally important factor that you should spend adequate time researching into. We are living in an increasingly mobile society where users are accessing the internet across a multitude of devices that now include mobile and tablets. Therefore you should check to ensure that the theme you are choosing is responsive so that it can be accessed from all devices. This usability across all devices is becoming critical to web design and web usage, so to save you having to re-write the code in the near future save yourself time and money now. You should also check that theme functions across all website browsers otherwise this could present your further problems that could be avoided from the initial stages.

Is the theme adequate to contribute to your SEO listings?
Does the theme have a code that the search engines like? Again this is an important factor to consider if you want your website to stand the best chance of success. You should check that the code clean and is SEO friendly. Your SEO is vitally important as great SEO listings can lead to an increased click through rate and ultimately increased sales. If you are not sure if the code is SEO friendly you should seek the advice of someone who does.

Does the theme present the opportunity to link to your social channels?

Digital marketing and social media are also progressing to become integral to business success. Social media presents a space for great marketing opportunities and increased business to customer interaction. Check to see if the theme you are interested in will allow you to integrate your social media channels into your website.


Does the theme you like have support?
Are there developers continually working on the theme for updates and improvements in order to keep the theme functioning properly, compatible and up to date. This is particularly important if you are using a WordPress theme for business purposes. If something goes wrong or a problem emerges you want to make sure that there is going to be someone available to fix the issue for you.

Top Tip; You might want to take a look at forums and chats related to the themes to see what other people are saying about the theme. Are the comments positive?

Choosing your theme is a big decision but if you do research it can be a simplistic process. You don’t want to have to spend your precious time editing the code or paying someone to do that for you, especially if you are choosing a theme that requires you to purchase it. Be sure that you are 100% happy with your choice!

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