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Make Your Website A Success By Using Images In Your Web Design

Images can add a certain dynamic to your website giving your website that professional edge. They can make your website look more interesting and therefore they often have the power to maintain a visitor’s attention for a longer time frame than if images were not present. Therefore when it comes to adding images to your website it is important that you consider these following points:

An Image Speaks a Thousand Words

You will want to include relevant images within your web design. So when you are writing the copy for your home page for example you should be simultaneously thinking about the images that will represent/ mirror what your text content says. In this case it is certainly true that an image can speak a thousand words.

The images that you include on your web design can provide the visitor to your website that extra bit of information or perhaps provide a visual example of the work that you do.

Represent Your Brand

When it comes to choosing the type of images that you are going to include on your website you will have to consider where you are getting the image from. If you are using images that you have found on the internet you will need to bear in mind the copyright and licensing laws that are attached to each image.

In order to overcome this problem and reduce the risk of getting into trouble for using someone else’s protected image you should consider using your own original content. By doing this not only will you be giving your website a unique look you can choose images that reflect and represent your brand exactly how you want them to.

(For more information about licensing laws surrounding the use of images on the internet click here).

Invest in a Photographer

You will also want to consider the quality of your images. Unless you have fantastic photography skills it is recommended that you hire a professional photographer to take the images for you or get someone to edit your images so they are of a professional quality.

This can have a lasting impression on your business, your website will appear more professional and this can lead to a greater level of trust being invested in your business by the customer and in many cases lead to an increase in sales.

Showcase Your Products

Images are therefore also very important particularly when they are used to advertise / sell a product. For example if you were looking to buy a new t-shirt on the internet you would want to look at it first to check that you are happy with your choice. If you have poor quality images then potential customers will not be able to see what they are buying and therefore they might look for a t shirt elsewhere. However if you have a good quality image of the t-shirt perhaps even being modelled then you are more likely to sell more.

Here is an example of professional and well thought out images that are being used on the Busby & Fox website that showcase the products being sold.

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