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Get Your Website Ready for Christmas

Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye, which is why we need to start getting our marketing ready right now. Yes, we do mean right now, drop the pumpkin and let’s get moving!

If you haven’t already read our previous blogs on preparing your Christmas marketing, you can find these here. From paid ads to your email campaigns, we have all the festive tips you need to nail your marketing.

Today we’re talking about websites, possibly the most important tool for your business to have and something we are all used to checking regularly.

Many of you may not think that things need to change over the festive period on your website, but you couldn’t be more wrong. They may only be small things but they all matter!

Delivery and Returns

Now, this point is only relevant to the retailers out there, but maybe you need to mention this to one of your clients.

Your homepage will likely be the first thing people see when they’re Christmas shopping, so it’s important to include all important information for this period. Especially delivery information for the season!

Don’t be on the receiving end of lots of disgruntled customers because they ordered too late for Christmas without realising – make it obvious!

On the other side of this, you will also need to include returns information in plain sight on your website. When buying gifts, a selling point for many people will be an easy and clear returns policy for their recipients.

It will build trust with your potential customers that you have their interests at heart and the capabilities to sort out any gifts post-Christmas.

Opening Hours

December is an odd one for many businesses, you tend to close for a long period of time over Christmas, but the lead up to Christmas can be just as crazy. So, it’s important to list your Christmas Opening times on your website, including any days you’re not in or shutting early in the lead-up.

You could put this on your contact page as a base for people to check but it also may be a good idea if you get people visiting your store to also put it on your homepage to make it really clear.

Remember to share all of this information on social media in addition to this.

Festive Designs and Images

The easiest way to add a bit of Christmas spirit to your website is in the design and imagery of your site. You can go as festive as you see fit for your website, but make sure it doesn’t sacrifice the usability of your website!

Updating your product images with a bit of Christmas sparkle is especially important to help sell your products. Showing your products in a festive environment will help your customers make that connection.

Graphics and small design features are also a great way to go about adding some magic to your website. It really is completely personal to your brand how far you go with the Christmas design.

Customer Service

It’s all smiles and Christmas cheer at this time of year, and this needs to include your customer service. Whether it is in your physical store or online, you need to have a strong customer service presence ready to answer any questions.

On your website, you could use chatbot pop-up windows for your customer service feature, contact forms and emails with fast response rates. But, maybe the most important customer service platform for businesses is social media.

Promote your own social media on your website, and hopefully, this is where people will go to talk to your team, this means you need to be on top form with your social channels and responses to keep your audience happy.

Whichever method you choose to keep on top of your customer service, ensure your audience know how to contact you and when to expect responses.

The January Switch

It’s not Christmas forever, unfortunately, so you will need to be able to switch your website back to normal almost as soon as January hits.

You need to put a plan in place for all of your usual content and imagery to be returned to your website and the festive content removed.

If you can, we would advise you do this in the period between Christmas and New Year to make sure your website is completely up to date, but if this is not possible put a plan in place for the changes to happen first thing on your first day back at work.

You don’t want your customers to think they’re looking at an outdated website, so get the change done as soon as possible and make the transition nice and smooth with a perfectly planned procedure.

You better get started on your Christmas marketing right now if you haven’t already, and if you don’t know where to start or how to go about this festive change. Contact our team of marketers today for their advice and guidance.

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