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How NOT to Get Advice on Your Website’s Design

When you work for a web agency you soon become accustomed to clients, friends and acquaintances wanting advice or guidance on their own website’s design and functionality even when you’re off the clock and often in the most random of situations. While some will beat around the bush most will cut to the chase and bring their website up on their smartphone for instant opinions and feedback. One of the first questions that quickly follows is “do you think my website is out of date?” or “How long does a website last before it needs to be redesigned?”

Where not to get website advice!

While both are very good questions I cannot stress enough that a web agency wouldn’t be doing you justice if they saw your home page and replied with “Yes you need a complete rebuild”. In reality even when off the clock they should be asking for time to review both the front end of the website (customer view) and your admin area (Content Management System = CMS) to get a complete overview of your websites functionality. More importantly how will they know how to communicate with your customers if they don’t know your brand, its message, your target audience demographics and the level of your existing online presence? All of these are extremely important to a successful website and can’t be summarised in a quick chat over a pint in the middle of game (best attempt at validating main blog image).

A complete redesign isn’t always the solution as there are many things that you can introduce to your online presence that will enrich your customer’s experiences when shopping or using your services. A full review that will include your social media profiles, blogs and websites will always be the best and most professional approach to these types of questions.

Website Review with one of WNW's clients.

A legitimate and client focused website agency (like WNW Design) will offer Online Reviews for free with no obligation to sign up afterwards. So next time you feel the urge to ask for advice on your website over a pint, why not ask for a business card or schedule a meeting to get a more thorough overview of your site instead. This is a win win situation for yourself, your company and your web agency mate as you can both enjoy your pint without the need to talk shop!

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