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Is Your Website’s Navigation Really That Important?

Your website’s navigation – it’s how users find what they’re looking for, make decisions and most importantly convert into an online enquiry or sale.  

Without good navigation, your website is fairly useless and won’t be benefiting your sales or marketing at all!  It’s easy to prioritise how your website looks over the usability of the site, especially as a business owner.  

You get caught up on all the little details of making your website perfect, but are you forgetting the most important thing? The functionality and usefulness of your site which ultimately means converting website visitors to prospects.  

So, how important is your website navigation?  

Give the Search Engines a Hand 

Having a clear and well-designed site navigation will not only help your visitors, but it will also benefit your SEO, as search engines will use this navigation to find and index your website content.  

Make sure that your navigation is clear and your URL structures follow this navigation, so if you have a list of services within a top-level page, ensure the top level page is included in the URL.  

For example: /marketing/social-media/ might be the correct URL to use for a social media service. 

Use descriptive labels and keywords on your pages – this will help users find the pages they need and will help search engines match pages to search terms.  

Stop People Bouncing 

Website visitors don’t like to wait, and they definitely don’t want to have to do any of the work themselves.  

They need to see clearly that your business offers what they need, this means including all your key information, so it is easily accessible to the visitors, for example in the header of the page or navigation boxes on your homepage.  

When people find what they want on your website they’ll stick around and won’t bounce straight off. One of the measuring factors you can use to determine your website’s success is the bounce rate – the lower, the better.  

Put the information people want to see in front of them and keep that bounce rate nice and low! 

Increase Sales 

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for, yes, a having good website navigation can improve your sales. Not because it suddenly makes everyone want to buy your product, but because visitors can actually follow the correct buying process.  

First of all, they can actually find the product they want and all of the necessary information that they need to decide to buy. Once this decision has been made, your website will make it easy for them to purchase the product and find all relevant information about this, e.g. shipping and returns information.  

All of this combined will mean that your website visitors are much more likely to buy from your website as opposed to one that takes a genius to navigate!  

A great website will make the whole buying process easy and provide all of the information to build the all-important trust with a customer.  

Don’t miss out on these easy sales! These people want to buy; you just need to take them through the process.  


Are you about to go to your website and try and assess your navigation now? We know how important this is for your website and how important online sales and enquiries are to you! So, get in touch with our website team today for their honest and professional assessment of your navigation.  


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Tierney Crocker
Tierney Crocker is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, involved in all aspects of digital marketing and social media. You can email her at

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