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Steps To Writing Effective Web Copy – Part 2. Persuasive Writing

Having already looked at the different stages between planning and publishing your copy in Steps to writing effective web copy – Part 1, this blog entry focuses on the importance of the text and language that you use. See these 4 key steps to writing persuasively in order to encourage your readers to invest in your product or service.

Know your target audience
Make sure you know who your target audience is. You want to find your “tribe” the people that will be interested in what you have to offer. If you write your copy with these people in mind you will make them feel more exclusive and make them think that your product or service is made perfectly for them. As your content will appear like it is written just for them you will be more likely to sell to them.

Express the benefits of your product / service
When talking about the features of your product / service it is crucial that you express the benefits. You need to express to the reader how your product or service will help / assist them and perhaps make their life better. This is a great way to show off the advantages of choosing your product. In order to think of striking benefits that people won’t be able to resist you could focus on determining three USP’s (Unique Selling Points). These points do not have to be very long but they can be extremely useful in highlighting the best aspects of your product/ service…you can then focus on explaining their benefits and address how one can benefit from them.

Engage your reader’s emotion
Use persuasive language and engage your reader’s emotions. You want the reader to become attached to your product or service so that they can’t resist buying it. The language you choose can be very powerful in stirring up a level of attachment and making the reader feel like they desperately need your product. For example if you were selling women’s foundation you might get your potential customers to “imagine having perfectly flawless skin”, “imagine having a smooth photo finish complexion that lasted all day” etc. By getting the individual to imagine how they could benefit from the product is powerful way to engage a person’s emotions which will encourage them to form an attachment to the product.

Include a call to action
In order to complete the success of your copy it is vital that you include a call to action. This is the most important piece of text that informs your readers of what you want them to do. You need to inform your prospective customers of the next step that they should take, whether this is: sign up to a newsletter, complete an enquiry form or give you ring. With a call to action included in your copy you should be able to successfully transform your customers from passive readers to active business leads.

When effective copy is coupled with an impressive web design your website can become a very powerful marketing tool. If you feel your web design is in need of a refresh to mirror your effective new copy read our blog entry containing useful advice on How to choose the right web designer. 

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