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Tips On Writing Text For Websites

…or the bane/problem for most of our clients and quite often the sticking point that holds up the development and launch of a new website. But it needn’t be a problem.

There are a couple of key points that if broken down into their element can help to ease the process:

The first thing is to note the basic pages needed for the website, these tend to be Home, About Us, Product/Services and Contact. The Contact page will pretty much take care of itself as the information needed is already at hand: your address, a location map (your website developers will take care of this and may recommend you use Google maps), contact telephone, e-mail and your registered company name, number and address if you’re limited company (these are legal requirements).

When working on the core text for the Home, About Us and Services pages it helps to keep in mind three elements:

1. Who you are/the Service you’re offering

2. Why customers should use you; and

3. Finish with the clear ‘call to action’ – this will usually be ‘please call us to discuss’ or something along those lines

The main point to remember is not to worry too much about making it the final draft, the hardest element of writing text is staring at a blank page. Once you have the core element of your text written down, editing it, altering and expanding it into the final polished article will be far easier.

Or if all else fails… speak to a professional.

About The Author: Mark Russell is responsible for client management, new sales and marketing for WNW Design. You can email him at or phone on 08456 588310. You can also follow WNW Design on Facebook.

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