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The Key To Creating Effective Landing Pages In Your Web Design

Your Landing Page is often a targeted and specific web page that is primarily created to achieve conversions. The purpose of your landing page will differ between person to person, business to business etc. Therefore it is important that your landing page is targeted to achieve your desired conversions. The actions that you want people to take should be specifically tailored to what you value. This might include getting customers to input data or buy a product or service from you etc.

Here are 3 key factors that will determine the effectiveness of your landing page in achieving your desired conversion.  The content on your landing page is crucial therefore you should ensure that your landing page includes:

– Specific relevant content

– 3 Unique Selling Points

– Call to action


Specific Relevant Content

In order for your landing page to generate those all-important conversions you need to make sure that your landing page is doing the job you said it would. For example if people are directed through to your landing page through an Ad it is vital that your content on your landing page is specifically relevant to the Ad that initially directed the customer through to your page.

If a customer clicks on an Ad then it is clear that they are interested in what the Ad is offering.So if you were advertising a specific product/ offer on your ad it is important that the landing page your ad leads to
mirrors the offer that was advertised.

If it goes through to a page that is irrelevant to the ad, for example a different product then it is unlikely that this going to lead to a conversion because the landing page is not related to what the customer was interested in.

3 Unique Selling Points

This is your chance to really sell your product / service in order to convince the customer that they desperately need the product or service that you are offering.Including 3 unique selling points is a great way to include this extra information in order to highlight the benefits of the product / service.

Your choice of language is paramount to the effectiveness of your landing page. Therefore use your 3 unique selling points as a chance to engage your customers by getting them to imagine how they can benefit for example from buying your product or providing their details to receive further information. Stir up some emotion and get your customers to form an attachment with your product or service that they can’t walk away from.

Call To Action

Including a call to action on your web design is vital. Your call to action is like a command, you tell your customers / visitors on your page what you want them to do. Your call to action will be dependent on what you value as a conversion. This could be asking visitors to input there email address, buy a product online, give you call etc. Whatever you are hoping to achieve it is extremely important that you make this clear!

Be mindful of your landing page layout, make sure your call to action is clear and succinct. You have achieved the hard part by attracting the attention of your customer now in order for this traffic to convert you simply need to tell your customers exactly what they need to do.

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