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The Need For Speed For User Experience and SEO

There is nothing more frustrating than browsing the web looking for a product and when you think you’ve found the best one, the website you’ve clicked on takes forever to load meaning that you end up clicking off the website and starting your search all over again because the speed is so bad.template-keyboardwithtext

Page loading speed is vital for your website, because it is the key factor when it comes to user experience, it’s all well and good to have a gorgeous looking website but if the pages don’t load in a quick time, you will lose the majority of your potential customers.

This is why if you have a new website or a website re-design, it is important that it is being optimised for the search engines.

Poor page speed is one of the key reasons of high bounce rates, simply because a website that takes a long time to load is deemed untrustworthy and unreliable by the user, which results in them leaving the site.

Web designers have been found guilty in the past of loading up a website with lots of content and a complicated (but very attractive) design and they have achieved this by sacrificing precious page speed.

The difference of just a few seconds can make the biggest difference, particularly if you have an e-commerce website because if people are willing to buy a product from your website then they want a quick and efficient service. If your website visitors are getting a quick and reliable website, then they will think the same of your business.

At WNW Digital, our development team work directly with our digital marketing team to make sure that any new website build or re-design is being built to get the best possible speed for your users.
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Our website has a near perfect speed score of 98/100 which means that Google can see that we our website is extremely fast and they rank us higher in the search engines.

If you want to check your page speeds for SEO use Google PageSpeed Insights because if Google thinks your website is fast, then they will reward you with better rankings in the search engines.


If you have any questions regarding a new website design or your website’s page speed, contact our development team on 01392 349 580 or alternatively email

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