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The Psychology Behind Your Web Design

Your website is there to attract attention, engage your audience, and convert their interest into valuable actions. Of course you will probably need an experienced team of designers and developers on hand to help you produce a successful website. You will need to consider how you can get underneath the skin of your target audience and persuade them to take the actions that you want them to. There are certain psychological techniques and tips that you can implement in your web design that will really help you promote your websites success allowing you to engage with your audience.

Is your site trustworthy?  Your visitors will make a judgement about your website within the first few seconds making it fundamentally important that your web design creates an immediate great first impression. Therefore it is important you build their trust straight away to avoid them from immediately leaving your site. Poor design and layout can immediately lose the trust of you visitor. This might include a confusing layout, images that are of a poor quality or out of date content etc. A great way of displaying that you are trustworthy business is to show any accreditation that you have achieved. Particularly if you have any imagery that displays your accreditation or certification… this can be a very simple and effective means of showing your customers you’re a credible business.

What is the colour of your web design saying about your business? You might want to match your colour of your website to your logo to ensure that you are producing a consistent branded message. However, you should also bear in mind that the colour that you choose can convey a powerful message. For example, the colour red is often associated with emotions such as passion and love, where as white is associated with innocence and purity. Green alternatively signifies growth and orange can represent a sense of energy. Think about which colours best match and represent what your business is about.

Does your website have a purpose? Is your website straight to the point?  Can your customers clearly see the product or service that they will be receiving? Make sure your website has authority within your industry. Show your customers that you know what you are talking about; you want to come across as industry experts so that potential customers are encouraged to invest in your product or service. Including a call to action is crucial, it directly informs your customers of the action that you want them to take. Focus on creating a call to action for each page so you convey a clear message to your customers.

Are your images professional? There really is no excuse for poor imagery anymore. If you are unable to afford your own professional photographer then there are plenty of online image libraries where you can purchase your image from.

Use logo’s to reinforce your brand.  The more often your customer see’s your logo the more likely they are going to remember it. Place your logo on every page and provide your customers with that constant reminder that they need. Another great way in which you can incorporate your branding into your web design is by using the colours in your logo to help you create the theme for the rest of your website. By doing this you will be making sure that your branding is consistent and recognisable to your customers.

Use white space to focus attention! If you have too much text/ content on your website it is likely that your customers will struggle to find the information that they are looking for. As you don’t want your customers to feel overwhelmed or frustrated you should use white space that can help focus their attention on the important information you are trying to convey. This is a great way of engaging your audience without pushing them away.

Use emotional triggers to engage audience. The text/ content used including the font and colour chosen can be effective in triggering the emotion of your customer. For example particular emotions of guilt or happiness are often great ways to engage your audience. Use language that gets the customer to feel the pain that they are currently experiencing because they don’t have your product or service in their life. Alternatively get your customer to imagine a time where they do have your product / service, get them to imagine how they can benefit from this. These techniques are great way of stirring up emotion and subsequently great ways to provoke action.

Another great way of using emotion to engage your audience is by describing your perfect customer. Explain who your product or service is best suited for. This can make your customer feel like you are talking directly to their needs and making them feel like they belong to your exclusive community.

Show your customers gratitude for their business, this might include offering your customers something in return for their business. Within your web design you can include this information within your content. This should hopefully act as a marketing tool that will encourage your potential customers to purchase your product or service. This does not have to be anything of extreme value, something as simple as a discount code off their next purchase or perhaps a free item that you can send with their order. Both of these actions are gestures that your customer will definitely appreciate and could be the driving force in what causes your customer to return to you for further business.

So with these tips and tricks you can make sure that your website is creating the perfect space in which you can engage with your audience.

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Sophie Angell
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