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Top Tips for a Start-Up Website Design

It’s a simple fact that if you’re starting up a new business you won’t be taken seriously until you have a website that reflects your business needs. Even if you don’t aim to sell products or services online a website will act as a virtual business card, brochure and sales rep all rolled into one for your company.

Unfortunately with everyone creating websites it’s becoming more competitive and quite difficult to produce a stand out from the crowd design on a start-up budget. If you strip away for a minute SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), pay per click and social media you are left with your website’s design and core functionality. Getting this right will build a positive reputation for both your online presence and your company as a whole. Tools like SEO can build upon the success but let’s just consider website design for now.

Keeping it Simple
“Keep It Simple, Stupid” otherwise known as KISS is a great principle to work by when designing a website. Simple designs are usually more memorable, easier to create, convey a bold message and at a push can be adapted for mobile or tablet viewing more easily.

The Point of Head Banners
Your header needs to act like a brochure front cover. It needs to grab browser’s attention and make them want to read more or if you’re creating an ecommerce site it needs to inspire confidence so they purchase from you. Keeping it simple while utilising your company’s brand guidelines will help customers re-identify with your site and brands reputation.

Choosing the Right Colours
Colour schemes are another obvious element to consider and where possible you should use one primary colour backed by 2 supporting colours. Have at least one vibrant colour and avoid using lots of similar shades as you will lose impact where you need to make it most.

Layout Options
If in doubt a two column approach with a header banner is the most effective and well known layout choice out there. Placing your menu horizontally under your header image or logo is where most browsers will look first. Making customers work for the content they wish to view is a bad idea so look at similar websites in the same industry before finalising your website design.

Invest in a Developer
Finally the last thing you want to do is invest heavily in a website that’s been created by someone who’s learning the ropes. Though it might be a lot cheaper the site will likely be a learning curve for the developer and they often end up being over complicated with a dated design. The keyword here is INVEST and that’s exactly what a website is… an investment. If you are serious about your business you will need to Invest in professional website design agency to develop your site.

About The Author: Martin Price is the Marketing & Social Media Co-Ordinator at WNW Design limited.  You can view his posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google + & LinkedIn,  email him at or phone him on 01395 542 569

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