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Top Website Design Mistakes and Pitfalls – Menus, Navigation & Links

There are so many top tip blogs and articles online that it can become confusing as to what’s right or wrong to do when it comes to website design. Hopefully this series of blogs will help you avoid the most common pitfalls and ultimately improve the overall quality of your customers browsing experience. This blog focuses on menus & navigation

Jimmy Green Website Drop Down Menu

Drop Down Menu’s – These should be used sparingly as they can unintentionally hide content that a user needs to see to make a decision. Keep them simple and all to the same format. Don’t make it a new learning curve every time the customer wants to find another product.

Button or Text Based Menus? – Text all the way. Google will love you more, your site will load quicker and CSS means that your site can still look great without it being plastered with buttons and images.

Navigation – A single clear hierarchy is the answer to any navigation. Keep it simple and don’t change menu structures for different parts of your site.

Footer Menu’s – Underutilising this space is a common mistake. Include links to all your key areas of the site that aren’t going to make you money but customers may find useful. Links to meet the team, about us and Sitemap pages are typically in the footer. Repeat links to home and contact us pages can be very useful to viewers as well.

What Image can I click? – To differentiate an image from a clickable banner write CLICK ME or CLICK for more information on the banner. Mouse or roll over images can also be useful to indicate that an image has a function.

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