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Trending Website Design Features In 2013

Over the last couple of years websites have begun to evolve at a much faster rate. A lot of this can be attributed to newly available platforms, mediums and browsers such as the popularity of Smart Phones in everyday life. With individuals and companies becoming more competitive there seems to be a new break through every day so how can you truly know what’s trending this year? The answer can be found by looking at what’s popular among the big players and industry leaders who have the time and resources to hone their online presence more so than your average Jo Blogs. Below are a few website features that have been trending in 2013 so far:

Mobile Device Designs

Designing a Mobile site before its desktop equivalent – By designing websites this way you are forced to realise what you’re most important elements and pieces of information are. As you go from Mobile to tablet to notebook to desktop more information can be added. Mobile platforms are also notoriously more difficult to design layouts for whereas desktops will be happy with most layout styles. Designing the mobile version first will ensure you have a functional website layout that can easily be adapted across all platforms.

Tumblr's Never Ender Scroll

The Never Ending Scroll – This is mainly trending because of Twitter and Tumblr’s never ending profiles but it isn’t suitable for every website. Creating links to content can become tedious and if users are searching for a specific item like a news article you really don’t want them to be scrolling for hours until they find it.

Apple's iPhone Page

Utilising White Space – A lot of websites are utilising white space in their designs as it forces users to focus on specific content that the website designer wants to draw attention too. Not all white spaces are in fact white so can be any colour background that isn’t overlaid with content. Trending colours for white space this year are blacks and grays.

Adidas UK Landing Page

Huge Photographs – This is mainly trending in portfolio or ecommerce websites where it’s important to illustrate the lifestyle or emotion related to a product being sold on the site. The downside to this feature is that it will push all other content of the screen which is why it’s favoured for landing or introductory pages. To combat the lack of content more interesting and informative drop down menus are being created.

If you want to incorporate any of these features into your existing website or learn more about their benefits then you can give us a call on 01395 542 569 or visit our Case studies Page to see more examples.

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