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Website Design: Creating Simple, Clear, Easy To Use Navigation

The important thing to remember when laying out the navigation in your new website is to keep it clear and simple. Don’t try and break new boundaries, use easy systems that people are used to seeing and don’t have to think about to be able to navigate their way around your website.

If people need to spend a long time thinking about how to navigate around your website, they will probably lose interest and go elsewhere.

Great navigation is easy to use, first and foremost!

Here are some points to remember when setting out website navigation:

1) Make sure all of the pages on the website have basic navigation (usually laid out horizontally along the top or vertically down the left hand side) that gives people access to the core pages of your website.

2) Clearly indicate to the person browsing the website which page they are on. This can be achieved by highlighting the page name within the navigation, displaying a page title or using “Breadcrumb” links.

3) Make sure that all links go to the relevant page that is mentioned in the link text and each page link is unique.

4) Make sure that the colours you use for your navigation stand out from the rest of the page so are clearly visible i.e. if your text colour is black, don’t use black as the main colour for your navigational links.

Following these simple guidelines can make the user experience on your website so much easier, meaning they will be paying more attention to the content on your website and what you have to offer.

About The Author: David Warley is the Creative Director and Project Manager at WNW Design Limited. You can find David on LinkedIn, by emailing him at or by phone on 01395 542569. You can also follow WNW Design on Facebook

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