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Why does your business NEED a website?

In the digital age, having a website has created new opportunities for businesses to expand and reach new markets globally. With DIY website facilities readily available and design companies such as WNW Digital operating in the business market, there are plenty of options to help you get started.

A website is a long-term investment, but will be sure to aid your business in ways you might not even realise. Unsure of the many benefits? Here are some of our main reasons as to why a website would further your organisation:

1. Information and Accessibility
The first place a customer will look for answers to any questions is your website. Lots of information can be stored on a single page and it is important to make the most of this opportunity to let people know how you can help them. Search Engine Optimisation can be used to boost the ranking of a website and promote the contents to prospective customers.

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A well designed and attractive website will be more likely to pull in customers than a poorly-operating and uninviting site, and as your website is the online face of your business, it needs to run well and look the part. Running for 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, information can be sourced whenever necessary through a website, allowing the customer to browse at their leisure. From here, the layout and aesthetic elements of the website may encourage further browsing and interest in the company.

2. Selling
Websites can be a valuable place for e-commerce to prosper and in turn can help businesses to thrive. Online sales can often reduce the workload for a business as time is not spent organising meetings and liaising with clients. All information that may be required before a sales is readily available and the customer can purchase at their own leisure, 24/7, which is a key way to drive sales.

Immediate displays of stock levels can not only help the business by maintaining their stock through cataloguing all available products, but in terms of sales too, as the customer may be persuaded into making a quicker purchase if stock levels appear to be falling to avoid missing out.

3. Advertising and Marketing
Your website is a key advertising tool. It is also the place for your company to showcase the services and benefits you can bring a customer. Remember, it’s all about solving a problem! So, demonstrate to potential customers in depth the advantages you can bring them, and they may be more likely to choose your business.

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4. Customer Engagement
By including a ‘contact us’ section on your website, a customer can obtain answers for any queries via email enquiries, live web chats or contact forms. Although e-commerce eliminates the need for direct contact between the customer and company, the option to have this available when needed tailors the company experience for the customers. This makes the experience more personal and improves the overall customer engagement and satisfaction.

5. Brand Image, Online Presence and External Links
Operating via a website is the core to having a credible online presence. From here, it opens doors for social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to be created to engage with an even wider audience, giving your business the opportunity to directly hyperlink these pages and create a cohesive brand image, strengthening the impression and integrity of the company.

6. Monitoring Progress
It is crucial as a business to understand how you are performing in the market. Having a website is key to understanding and accessing software to help measure your progress and presence. Tools such as Google Analytics allow you to track the click-through rates to your website and determine where that traffic has come from. This can allow you to work out what works best for driving traffic to your site and helps you to know where to focus your marketing efforts in future.

So, now you know why a website is necessary to improve your business. If you’ve no idea where to start with creating yours, or perhaps you want a refresh on your existing site, please contact WNW Digital for information.

Blog written by Heather Hirst – an intern from Bournemouth University

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