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Exmouth Bed & Pine Online Shop Launched

WNW Design are pleased to announce that due to the success of their website, Exmouth Bed & Pine have recently expanded into eCommerce. Taking advantage of our bespoke online shop system, Exmouth Bed & Pine are now offering pine and oak furniture and beds, along with metal bedsteads and a wide range of crafted items online. Their new shop allows visitors to buy securely on the internet, and offers extended information on all the products they have to offer.

We are pleased to been a part of Exmouth Bed & Pine’s web success, and we hope to work on their website as it expands its product range and brings in new customers that a physical shopfront cannot reach. To see Exmouth Bed & Pine’s range of oak and pine funiture, metal bedsteads and all items available for online ordering, visit their new online shop here:

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