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WNW launches new website for Paget Brown

We have recently launched a new website for the solicitors Paget Brown.

This is a brand-new website and design for the company, we have worked closely with Paget Brown to ensure that we included all features and aspects that we felt their audience would need from their website.

This website has a clear navigation for users with a clear path for them to follow in order to get the information that they require from the website.

It was important for the information within this website to be clear as the service Paget Brown provides can be complex and information-heavy. The design of this website uses sections to help make the information easy to read and digest but also clear to find.

The clients made it very clear to us that they wanted people to contact them about their service as you cannot get all the personalised information you need through text. This is why we included many call to actions on each page, each call to action is slightly different to give the audience options.

The Paget Brown website is mobile responsive which is an important feature as people like to browse on the move. This will also assist them in Google’s search rankings, as Google values responsive websites and offers a ranking boost for this aspect.

The website also has a CMS system using WordPress, which allows Paget Brown to change their own content and add the information when they want.

Why don’t you take a look at the new website, and if you are interested in a new website design then feel free to contact us.

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