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WNW Digital Launch a New Website for MNR Mowers

MNR Mowers were an existing client of WNW Digital’s and decided it was time for a bit of a website refresh.

We recently launched the new website for MNR Mowers, an independent garden machinery business.

The main aim for this redesign was to update the usability and functionality of the site, as well as ensuring the site looks more modern.

Since they were an existing client to our company, our development team were used to working with MNR Mower’s team which played a large part in the design of the site.

Before, the website was very small with only a few pages of information available to users, this was something that both our team and the client wanted to change.

All of the products and services have been added to the website each with a corresponding page with more information and call to action buttons.

These additional pages played a large part in the navigation, as we wanted to make the site easy to navigate and all of the key pages accessible at all times.

The top navigation bar has been expanded to include all of the new pages and a drop-down menu has been added for the ‘products’ and ‘services’ categories to avoid cluttering the navigation. This helps to give the website a sleek and modern look.

Previously their website lacked a lot of the necessary ‘call to action’ buttons which allow people to convert online, this was a feature that has been added to the new website.

One of the largest parts of the redesign is their new CMS system, the new website has been built using WordPress. This will allow the client to update and adjust their own online content when they want to.

People are now largely browsing their phones on the go which means that a mobile responsive site is a necessity. This website is of course responsive which is a big leap from the previous site.

Go and take a look at their website for yourselves and let us know what you think.

If you are interested in redesigning your website or think it needs a bit of a refresh, get in touch with our team!

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