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WNW Digital Launch a New Website for Radiance MediSpa

WNW has recently launched a new website for Radiance MediSpa, a beauty treatments and aesthetics clinic based in Exeter.

Radiance’s new website has a modern look to it and is a complete update in comparison to their old site. The banner shows off the grandeur of the MediSpa and helps establish Radiance’s high calibre of dedication and experience in this industry.

From a user experience viewpoint, the website now clearly shows each treatment page, the Hair Salon and the Beauty Salon, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

The website now has a gallery/case studies section so you can see which treatment you want before committing to booking it and estimate the results they are likely to see. This is a vital stage to build trust with an audience and something we were keen to add to the website.

The website now has a whole new section called “We Can Treat” which outlines the most common problems that the team at Radiance see from their customers. These are likely to be the treatments a high volume of people are searching for, this may help to attract more people to the website organically.

Each of these ‘problems’ has their own page with advice, pictures and results of people that have undergone various treatments to really show off the results Radiance can achieve, making treating the worries of customers even easier for the MediSpa.

In terms of client access and customisation, the site now has a working review plugin where users can leave their own reviews which will be uploaded straight to the website after review. This was something that was important to the client to build trust.

We have added in more functionality than usual to this website. There are areas for them to add images, galleries and more information, and each treatment and ‘problem’ page has its own bespoke template, to allow for a better display of this information and an optimum use of the space.

The client will also be able to edit the ‘widgets’ with snippets of page information inside them, to reflect any updates or offers the MediSpa may want to promote.

All content on the website can be edited by the client entirely with no help needed from developers, this is one of the advantages of using WordPress as their website platform. It means that all text, images, videos and reviews can be as up to date and relevant as possible.

The website is also mobile responsive, as is customary with all sites we build. This is extremely important not only for any SEO work that they may have in the future, but just as a general practise for this increasingly fast-paced world.

Why don’t you go over to their new website, and let us know what you think? You can visit their website, here.

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Heather Hirst
Currently undertaking a Communications degree at Bournemouth University, Heather is the Digital Marketing Intern at WNW Digital. She is part of the digital marketing team and here to gain industry experience and develop her skills in all elements of WNW’s expertise. You can contact her at

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