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WNW launches a new website for Body Language

We have recently launched a new website for the beauty salon Body Language.

Body Language has been a client of WNW’s for many years and also have SEO and Blogging projects with us.

The website redesign was to update and modernise the old site as well as making the website more effective for their target audience.

A large change was to the homepage layout and navigation; we have included a grid feature for all of the services that our client offers with a short description. These link you through to the main services pages. This aids in making the navigation and user experience better.

Call to Actions are an important aspect of the website and the success of your site, we included a large call to action banner right on the homepage featuring the salon’s number. This will encourage people to call.

All modern websites need to be mobile responsive, this is not only important for users who browse on the go but it is also something that Google considers when ranking websites. This is why making the site responsive was a high priority to our team.

The new website has a CMS as the site was built using WordPress, this will allow the client to update product pages, prices and the site content themselves.

As they are an SEO client of ours, it was important to us that the switch between the two websites was smooth from the search engines point of view. This meant ensuring that all redirects were set up correctly and were working and keeping all meta titles and descriptions the same as they were on the previous site.  We also monitored the site launch in Google Search Console, ensured that Google saw the new pages fast and that files such as the XML Sitemap were updated along with the site.

Head over to Body Language’s new website to see what you think of the new design. If you are interested in having a new website designed or want to talk through your options, please get in touch with us.

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