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Introducing our New Apprentices!

Towards the end of this year we welcomed two new members of the team, both of whom are completing apprenticeships with us. So far, this has worked out to be a great opportunity to help them proactively learn about our industry, whilst working within our industry. Tierney and Beth have written a section on how they are finding they’re apprenticeships and what kinds of tasks they do on a day to day basis at WNW Digital.

Tierney Crocker – Digital Marketing

I joined WNW Digital three months ago as a digital marketing apprentice. I am in the office four days a week and spend one day at college working to complete the coursework and exams for my qualification.

Since I joined WNW, no two days have been the same which is amazing. Overall, I am learning and applying the skills needed for SEO, PPC, Social Media and Copywriting. The digital marketing team work closely to give me tasks which reinforce what I am learning, this includes writing content for blogs and websites, completing SEO health checks of websites for improvements and monitoring social media or Adwords accounts.

As apprentices, we have not just been office based, we have already attended two trade shows with the team. At these shows we learnt the skills that we needed in order to create leads and engage consumers.

The skills I am learning are growing every day in regard to digital marketing, there is always something new to learn.  Especially when learning about SEO, such as: keyword research, meta titles and descriptions and inbound links. Once I have picked something up it is time to move onto the next.

Experiencing Digital Marketing opens your eyes to what is actually involved, what goes on behind the scenes. There is a huge amount of detail that is involved in the ads, and the website rankings that we see every day on the internet.

Beth Cordy – Web Development

Since joining WNW Digital as a web developer apprentice, I have had the chance to learn so many new and interesting things. For example, I have learnt how to use the coding languages HTML and CSS.

I have also been introduced to the server that we use, and have learnt how to fix and deal with the server and any issues we may encounter with it. My knowledge with photoshop has been enhanced and I have learnt how to design graphics for websites and adverts. WordPress is a completely new skill that I have been taught, and how to create and layout pages with content.

My day to day tasks as an apprentice web developer include: Undertaking any tech support tasks, designing graphics and sorting out photographs for websites, making videos for advertising and building websites using HTML and CSS. I also spend a lot of time completing coding courses, to top-up my knowledge of coding. In addition another thing I do quite a bit of is adding content to client websites and designing page layouts.

We have been able to attend business expos where I can talk to potential clients, which is something I have enjoyed. Since working for WNW Digital, I have really enjoyed myself, learning new things and working as part of the team. In hindsight I’m glad I decided to become an apprentice, as I am learning key things on the job that I may not have learnt if I had taken another route or career choice.

Tierney and Beth are both at the beginning of what will be an exciting journey, they are both progressing everyday so it will be interesting to see what the future holds for them both and for WNW digital.

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