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SysAdmin Facing Cyber Extortion Charges

Sooner or later, it looks like we may have to either rename this site or start a new one called “System Administrators Behaving Badly.”

The latest piece of news to fit this category concerns a laid-off sysadmin who was arrested after allegedly trying to squeeze more money from his former employer.

According to Sharon Gaudin, the sysadmin is accused of threatening Third Avenue Management’s servers with damage if his severance pay wasn’t increased. She reports, “Viktor Savtyrev, a 29-year-old New Jersey resident, also demanded extended medical coverage and ‘excellent’ job references in e-mails and phone calls to officials at the firm.”

All that is pretty much considered illegal. Hence Savtyrev’s arrest and, perhaps because Third Avenue Management is located in a different state (New York), the involvement of an assistant U.S. attorney.

On the bright side, at least this situation didn’t become as ugly as the one involving Jing Hua Wu and three other individuals.

On the less bright side, as the economy continues to wallow about and/or get worse, problems like this are likely to crop up more often.

Savtyrev should plead not guilty, in case you’re curious. The sysadmin’s lawyer told Gaudin he “had no ability or intention to carry out anything. You have someone who got laid off and was under a great deal of financial and emotional stress.”

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