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What Happened at the Ignite Seminar 2019?

As many of you will know, the Ignite seminar was held last week in the heart of Exeter. This seminar brought six expert speakers all to one room to share their marketing tips and tricks with the attendees.

It was a great event filled with lots of marketing knowledge, brilliant questions and of course some yummy food!

If you didn’t attend the event and wished you had, or you just want to know what happened last Wednesday morning, we’re here to share some insider information from the event.

Building Your Brand

Up first to grace the stage was Jonathan Alder, the owner of Alder and Alder – a branding company in Exeter. He began the day talking about where your marketing starts and ultimately where any good business starts – branding.

What do you think of when you see the Starbucks logo?

Well, some of the answers that our guests came up with were “variety” and “convenience” – this was one the activities/ice-breakers that Jonathan used to hone in on what branding can do for a business.

We all left knowing the importance of branding and contemplating how we can improve our own branding – with Jonathan’s expertise obviously.

Jonathan actually wrote a guest blog post for us a few months ago, all about branding and building your brand; you can read that blog here.  

Print Marketing

Print marketing was next on the agenda, which meant Daryl Fulls from Scribble & Ink was up to the stand. You couldn’t miss Daryl on stage with his shirt choice for the day – think a bright floral shirt, and you’re there!

One of the highlights of his talk was finding out that he got sent a coconut in the post once by a potential supplier with the text “You’re a tough nut to crack!” – 2 years on and he’s still telling this story, it’s an example of print marketing working extremely well!

In addition to the coconut, Daryl wowed the audience with the revelation that there are in fact scented ink cartridges for printers – who knows, the next piece of print you receive from us could just be scented like berry…

All scented ink and coconuts aside, it’s safe to say we saw a whole new side to print marketing. Print marketing is definitely still here, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

Expose Yourself to Exhibitions

The title of this talk definitely caught all our eyes, and the content didn’t disappoint either. Here at WNW Digital, we are no stranger to an exhibition – especially a South West Business Expo, which is run by Dave.

We know how valuable attending one of these expos is, and even more so running your own stand. However, if you’re not utilising this time and exposing yourself at an expo, it may all be wasted! Exposing yourself simply means to put yourself out there and ultimately network with attendees and exhibitors alike.

When you see Dave speak at a seminar like this, it’s safe to say that his talks are never dull or boring. He engaged all our attendees with more information about who he is a why he just loves exhibitions!

Hopefully, we will be seeing the seminar attendees at the next South West Business Expo!


Telemarketing – everyone’s favourite marketing technique to hate. However, there is so much that you won’t know about telemarketing. Well, telemarketing when it’s done properly!

For example, telemarketing is not just cold calling, and before anyone is actually called from Carson TM, their team research the best person to talk to and more information about the business in question.

The biggest flaw people encounter with their marketing plans, and the cause of most businesses failure post-event or expo is not following up!

Carson does this for you, and any good telemarketing plan and company should do this and know how crucial this contact is in making sales.

There were definitely a few people who were converted to the telemarketing way of life after Richard and Nigel graced the stage.

Digital Marketing

To round up the seminar, our very own MD, Nigel took to the stage to talk about all things digital marketing, from SEO to Facebook Ads he covered it all!

He even managed to get the attendees (and most of the speakers) on board with email marketing – it doesn’t have to all be spammy and not useful if you’re creating good quality content.

We learnt about how in depth you can target your Facebook Ads; for example, you can target an audience down to whether they commute to work or not…

Like Nigel said in his talk, we have to put our tin foil marketing hats on when talking about Facebook Ads – it may seem scary at first that they know so much, but all the information is so useful for producing the results that you as a business want.

“75% of prospective clients didn’t know what Digital Marketing methods to use” – this was a quote taken from one of our recent surveys.

There is so much choice out there for marketing methods, but not all will work for your business. We just need to find out what will and make it work better than ever.

For everyone who attended the Ignite seminar, we hope you enjoyed the morning and left feeling inspired and ready to sort your marketing out!

If you weren’t able to attend, we will release a video of the event very soon, so keep an eye on our social media for more information.

If you want to know more information about the seminar, or about the marketing methods that might be right for your business, contact our team today!

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Tierney Crocker
Tierney Crocker is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, involved in all aspects of digital marketing and social media. You can email her at

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