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Complaints Policy

The policy of our organisation is to deal with all customer complaints fairly. To achieve this we have implemented the following procedures within our business:

1. All complaints are recorded and will include details about the date when the complaint was received, the action required to resolve the complaint and the date when the action will be completed. Intermediate discussions about the complaint will also be recorded.

2. Any complaint will be acknowledged in writing to the complainant confirming that it is being dealt with in accordance with our complaints policy.

3. We undertake to investigate any complaint properly and fairly.

4. We will respond to all complaints within a period of three working days.

5. Where we find that any work is required or action needed to resolve the complaint then the work or action will be undertaken in the shortest possible time.

The named person below has overall responsibility for dealing with all complaints

Name: Nigel Wilkinson
Position: Managing Director

Your views are important to us and we need you to tell us when a service is failing or something is not right. We will do our best to put things right and prevent them happening again.

Equally, we would like to hear from you about services that are well liked and if you have an idea for an improvement or change to a service.

How to Send Us Your Feedback

Telephone us on 01392 349580. A simple phone call can help to solve many problems.

Write to us by letter:

WNW Digital
1st Floor, 11 – 15 Dixs Field

Email to

Equal Opportunities Policy

We are committed to giving an equal service to all. To enable us to do this we ask you to tell us your age, gender, ethnic origin, and whether or not you are disabled. If you have written to us by letter or sent an e-mail you may be contacted by Customer Services for this information. The information you give us is confidential. We use it to check that we treat all groups of people fairly and we do not discriminate against you.

If you feel that you have received a different level of service because of discrimination, please make this clear in your complaint. We will make sure we look into this for you.