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Continuous Improvement Contract

Our technical team support is proactive, reactive and flexible, that means you can get on with the business of running your business with greater certainty, knowing that your website is in safe hands.

Downtime and operational issues can critically impact your website, causing loss of revenue and damage to your reputation with customers. WNW Digital’s technical team ensure your site remains up and working at optimum levels, providing the high level support you need to ensure your business success. What more could you want? Well our Continuous Improvement Contract covers development as well so you can use your hours to improve your website design or performance whenever you need it.

Proactive Support

Great support means being proactively making improvements, not just be waiting for things to go wrong and reacting to problems. At WNW Digital, our tech team are constantly carrying out maintenance, monitoring your site, updating plugins and security updates, identifying potential issues and solving them before things go wrong. Your website is monitored using the latest software so we respond alerts so any downtime, security or technical issues are solved in a timely manner. Meaning you can be confident your website is working for you

Reactive Support

When you contact WNW Digital for support, either online or by phone, you get access to professional, friendly and responsive technical support. Critical issues are prioritised for resolution. Our tech team will work directly with your onsite team to ensure that all issues are handled effectively and we provide regular updates on progress and options for solutions.

Flexible Support

We recognise that each business has its own personality and will require different levels and types of support. That’s why we offer three different levels of Continuous Improvement Contracts, in addition to Pay As You Go You. Which means you can choose the option that provides the response time and level of service which suits your requirements.

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WNW Digital’s Bronze Continuous Improvement Contract is designed to provide you with a medium level service for a limited investment.

– Key Features –
Includes 2 Hours
24/7 Site monitoring*
WordPress and Security Updates
Out of hours NOT Included


WNW Digital’s Silver Continuous Improvement Contract is designed to provide you with a comprehensive service that covers most scenarios, including out of office support.
– Key Features –
Includes 4 Hours
24/7 Site monitoring*
WordPress and Security Updates
Out of hours Emergency Contact


WNW Digital’s Gold Continuous Improvement Contract is designed to provide you with a complete level of service, including greater out of office support and extra time.
– Key Features –
Includes 8 Hours
24/7 Site monitoring*
WordPress and Security Updates
Out of hours Emergency Contact

Monthly HoursN/A2 Hours4 Hours8 Hours
Digital Marketing Services
Out of Office Support Number
Project Manager
Priority Response
Security Updates
24/7 Site Monitoring*
Telephone Support
Graphic Design
Page Layout
Web Functionality
CMS Training
Additional Support Hour Rate£100£90£85£80
Hours ExpireN/A30 Days30 Days30 Days

*Site Monitoring on websites Hosted by WNW Digital only


Q: How long is the Contract?
A: The Contract is a minimum of three months then a monthly rolling contract. We ask for 30 days’ notice, required in advance to terminate or reduce your Continuous Improvement Contract.

Q: Will WNW Digital update security and WordPress patches and plugins?
A: Updating Security and Other Plugins is an essential part of all the Continuous Improvement Contracts. You won’t even need to ask, it will all be done for you.

Q: How will my hours be managed?
A: Communication is scheduled each month, either by telephone, email or Skype, whichever suits you best, to discuss what improvements you want to make to your website in the coming month. We log all hours in our sophisticated Project Management Software, so you can see where your time is being spent.

Q: Do the support hours roll over from month to month?
A: Your support hours included in your package do not roll over from month to month. It’s more likely you will go over your hour allocation due to the amount of enhancements you will be making on your website.

Q: What can I use my Continuous Improvement Contract for?
A: You can use it for pretty much anything to do with your website including Security updates, graphic design, page layouts changes, adding functionality; the only area not included is Digital Marketing services.

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