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There’s more to getting ecommerce right than having a great website!

The potential rewards from getting ecommerce right are astounding,  £52.25 BILLION was spent online in the UK in 2015 according to a study conducted by RetailMeNot and the Centre for Retail Research.

But if no one knows your online shop exists, they can’t find your products and you don’t convert one-off purchases to become regular customers, then your aren’t going to get your share of the ecommerce boom.

Getting your products found online is vital

77% of online purchases begin with a search engine and in the UK that means Google. Of course if you are selling overseas that might not be true, Yandex dominates Russian search and in China Baidu rules the roost.

Organic SEO search and Google AdWords  are essential ways to get your products found online by customers actively searching for you. Facebook Adverts are a fantastic way to promote your products to hot prospects, with laser beam targeting.

Turning one-off purchases into Repeat Customers

The real value of ecommerce comes from getting repeat customers, look at the success Amazon have had! Asking them to sign up to a boring Newsletter will never work but there are many ways to encourage customers to become repeat customers.

Google and Facebook both offer remarketing tools to remind customers to return. Emailing offers, promotions and genuinely interesting information is essential.

And Facebook has some ingenious ways to remind past customers to buy from you.

Increase your sales from new and existing customers.

WNW Digital have been helping our clients drive online sales since 2001 and can help increase your ecommerce sales too.

Google Partners, WNW Digital are experts in Search Engine Optimisation, Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Social Media and Email Marketing, we know the right strategy and tools to use to drive targeted visitors to your online shop and turn them into paying customers. Then to encourage them to buy time and again.

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